MIRROR, MIRROR Still Holds Secrets Beyond Snow White's Tale

MIRROR, MIRROR Still Holds Secrets

Did you ever wonder what happened after the end of your favorite movie? Where the characters ended up, and where those powerful items they had were passed on to? That’s the story in the upcoming graphic novel Mirror, Mirror from Kickstart Comics.


In Mirror, Mirror, the hunt is on for the fragments of Magic Mirror used in the Snow White fairy tale by the evil Queen. If you remember, the Magic Mirror answered any question that it was given – the hard truth whether the Queen liked it or not. But since the events of Snow White, the mirror has been shattered and its pieces hidden across the globe; it’s too much power for one person, according to a secret society called the Huntsmen. But now in modern times, someone’s out to get that mirror – and the power that comes with it – no matter who stands in their way.

Set to debut in mid-November, Mirror, Mirror was created and written by up & coming comics writer Joshua Williamson, who did the Image series Dear Dracula and Unncessary Evil, as well as several projects for DC Comics. The book is being illustrated by comics veteran Lee Moder, as well as an attractive cover by Darwyn Cooke. For more, we talked with Williamson about this inventive spin one of our most heart-felt fairy tales.


: Joshua, what can you tell us about this book Mirror, Mirror?

Joshua Williamson: Essentially it’s National Treasure meets the Grimm Fairy Tales. It’s written by me, with amazing pages by the great Lee Moder and all wrapped up in a great cover by some guy named Darwyn Cooke. It’s a family adventure book that I think anyone can enjoy.  

At the end of the Snow White fairy tale we never heard what happened to the Magic Mirror. In Mirror, Mirror we learn that the magic mirror was manipulating the evil step mother to cause everything bad that happened. After the fairy tale was over, Snow White destroyed the mirror and scattered all the pieces throughout the world to stop it from ever being put back together. There is a secret society called the Huntsmen whose job it’s been to protect those pieces. Even the Grimm Brothers were members who wrote their fairy tales as clues as to where the pieces were hidden and how to find to them again.

But now a member of the Huntsmen has betrayed them and is starting to rebuild the mirror using these clues. The newest member, Owen Grimm, is trying to stop that from happening.


: How much after the story of Snow White does Mirror, Mirror take place? Is it in modern times or some far away time?

Williamson: It’s all in modern times, with a few flashbacks to the original fairy tale with a few tweaks and to the history of the Huntsmen.

Nrama: Will any of the characters from Snow White be in this, besides the Magic Mirror of course?

Williamson: Aside from the quick flashbacks it’s pretty much only the Magic Mirror… but that doesn’t mean there isn’t someone related to a character from Snow White.


: The readers are seeing all this from the point-of-view from a guy named Owen Grimm. What's he like?

Williamson: Imagine if Indiana Jones and Lara Croft got married and had a kid. And this kid turned out to be a total screw-up.

Owen is a lot like Leonardo Dicaprio in The Beach. He just wants to travel the world using his parent’s money and connections to have a good time. He isn’t interested in relics or treasure hunting. The whole world is out there to explore and he doesn’t want to spend it in a classroom, museum, library or some cave.

When we first meet Owen he is hanging out on a Yacht in France with a bunch of women in bikinis having the time of his life. He gets pulled into this adventure and has to learn to deal with living up to his parent’s name and saving the world.

He is a risk taker and fast talker. Sometimes jumps without looking and thinks that life doesn’t have to be complicated but rather very simple. He’s a “lady in every port” type of guy, but at the same time is a bit of a con artist who pissed off a bunch of people all over the world.


: What is Owen up against in his quest to piece together the Magic Mirror?

Williamson: Aside from his own ego, he has Prince Mason who betrayed the Huntsmen and his solders but he also has to deal with the traps!

In order to protect the mirror pieces the Huntsmen devised traps in hidden locations all over the world. Now that Mason is searching for the pieces, Owen has to beat him to them, which also means facing the dangerous traps. To even get to these traps, Owen must use his head to figure out the clues hidden within the Grimm Fairy Tales.

Owen also has issues of living up to his parent’s names. They were famous and loved by everyone, but people have always looked at Owen like a screw up, including himself, so he has to learn to overcome that and get the job done.   


: Why does Prince Mason want the mirror?

Williamson: Mason wants it because knowledge is power. The Mirror, even if cryptic, knows all and could reveal all the world’s secrets. With that kind of information Mason could have, vengeance, riches, fame, power and immortality. BUT to be vague… the Mirror knows one large piece of information that Mason wants answered and will do anything to get it.

Nrama: Is there magic in this world?

Williamson: I wouldn’t say there was no magic, but it’s like Indiana Jones, where it’s all very real with hints of something supernatural building below the surface until it explodes.

For the most part the fighting is done with fists, wits and guns.


: What led you to creating this story, Joshua? Have you always been a fan of the Snow White fairy tale?

Williamson: Yeah, I’ve always been a fan of Snow White, but I was always obsessed with the Magic Mirror. It’s such an important part of the fairy tale and yet not much has been done with it since.

Disney did this TV special for Halloween about the Disney Villains back in the early 80’s that was hosted by the magic Mirror where he talked about the importance of villains. The Magic Mirror said “A hero is only as good as its villain.” A villain is there to test the hero and make the world a better place. Even at a young age that really spoke to me. This is what began my interest in villains and eventually lead me to create my comic, Necessary Evil. BUT ever since then I’ve always wondered what happened to the magic mirror. It intrigued me.  After some research on the originals of the mirror, I decided it would be fun to do a story about it being broken and people trying to find the pieces in modern times.


: For this you're working with a real comics veteran in Lee Moder. How'd you get hooked up with him, and Kickstart for that matter?

Williamson: Lee Moder is the man. I couldn’t be happier.  The book looks amazing! I can’t talk enough about how much I love Lee’s work and working with him.

One day Kickstart called me and said “We’re thinking about getting Lee Moder. What do you think?” I about passed out. It’s been an honor.

You have to understand I’m a DC nerd so of course I love Legion of Super-heroes. I’ve been following Lee’s stuff since his run on that which of course lead me to his work with Geoff Johns on Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E.S.. Everything he has done like Painkiller Jane and Dragon Prince I have followed him and loved. It was a shock that I got to work with him.


Lee took my heavy script and made it into magic. He really did some amazing things with scenes I was worried about and made them work. He really nailed the look of what I wanted. Now that he is finished with the book I miss getting pages from him everyday. Hopefully we’ll get to work together again someday.

Kickstart optioned a book of mine that I did with Image called Dear Dracula to be made into a film. While we were working on that they approached me about pitching some graphic novels, I pitched a few things here and there and actually another book got picked up first. Last year I was having lunch with Samantha Olsson, the managing editor, during the Long Beach Comic-con when I mentioned Mirror, Mirror. She immediately responded to the idea and we went from there. Samantha has been great to work with and has put a lot of work into the book. I can’t wait for people to see the final product. The hardcover is going to be amazing.

What question would you ask of the Mirror?  

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