MARK MILLAR Directs MIRACLE PARK, New Indie Superhero Movie

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Mark Millar wants to continue to push the boundaries of darkness in superhero stories. As revealed this morning on IGN UK, his newest project outside of comics won't be an adaptation, but an original property. Miracle Park will see its first interpretation on the big screen, directed by Millar.

Stretching what a superhero movie can be about, the film will actually use tropes traditional to thrillers and horror films, rather than those expected of a film with super powers. The conspiracy begins in modern-day Scotland, with a hidden United States government base discovered accidentally by "a group of animal rights activists." Just where superpowers come into the equation is unclear at this point, but the mysterious testing facility certainly has something to do with that.

The movie is being filmed entirely on handheld cameras, with Millar fully embracing the independent feel to the film. It promises lots of violence, which is perfectly in tune with other Millar film projects like and . The film will finish principal photography at the end of October, and a trailer is promised for January 2011, but no target release date was mentioned yet.

What do you think of Millar's big reveal?

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