Exclusive Aspen Cover Reveals: LADY MECHANIKA #0

Aspen Cover Reveals: LADY MECHANIKA #0



Aspen sent over the first look at these two beautiful covers for the launch of their new series, Lady Mechanika. Below is an official description of the series, and the #0 issue will be out later this month, with both Benitez covers.

Lady Mechanika

It is Great Britain, in the turn of the century. The occult and paranormal occurrences of the period cast a dark shadow over society. However, one private investigator, LADY MECHANIKA, is clever enough to unlock the mysteries of the supernatural using an arsenal of high-tech gadgetry and unconventional, scientific technology. Yet, the real mystery lies in her creation. She is part human; part mechanical, but entirely uncertain of her origin and identity‹her true existence. And discovering this cruel truth of who she is, may ultimately, lead to her downfall.

Created, written and drawn by Joe Benitez. Colors by Peter Steigerwald.

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