Bringing MARVEL COMICS Offline To Your Desktop Bringing MARVEL Offline, one of several digital comic platforms for the iPhone and iPad, announced this morning via iFanboy, the comics news and opinion website purchased early 2010, that Marvel Comics would be breaking free of the iOS devices, and coming to the desktop. With the desktop application for mac and Windows, comics can be downloaded to a computer and read without an internet connection.

This is a major shift in policy for Marvel Comics. Previously, they only offered downloads of their books to the iOS applications from, ComiXology, and others. When ComiXology, who also develops the Marvel iOS app, launched a web-based app for reading comics downloaded previously to an iDevice, Marvel was notably absent. Their absence was speculated as being due to their own Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited platform on

These two things, MDCU and, still exist as separate platforms. Only titles offered in the app can be downloaded to your computer. It's meant primarily as a solution to bring larger size and resolution images to readers without an iPad.

No word yet from any other digital platform developers on any future plans with Marvel Comics. The news did not mention any exclusivity, so while is the first, they will not necessarily be the only platform to offer this kind of option.

What do you think of this development and the future of digital comics?  

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