Marvel Teaser - HEROES FOR HIRE #1

Marvel Teaser - HEROES FOR HIRE #1

Update 4: Well, now we know for sure what these teasers are about — a new Heroes For Hire comic from Marvel starting in December, co-written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, best known recently for their work in the cosmic side of the Marvel Universe. Brad Walker, who worked with the pair on Guardians of the Galaxy, provides art.

The information came along with an image that appears to be the lineup of the team — Ghost Rider, Elektra, Iron Fist, Moon Knight and Punisher. Absent are Falcon, Misty Knight and Paladin, all who received teasers as part of this campaign last week.

Here's the official word from Marvel: 




Variant Cover by BRAD WALKER

Variant Cover by HARVEY TOLIBAO

Rated T+ …$3.99


Update 3: A second "_____ for hire" teaser of the day is out, this time declaring long-running Marvel mercenary Paladin to be a "Gun For Hire." Not only was Paladin a part of the 2006 Heroes For Hire comic — along with Misty Knight, the subject of today's earlier teaser — he's also currently co-starring, with Knight (and Silver Sable and The Shroud), in the Shadowland: Blood on the Streets miniseries by Antony Johnston and Wellinton Alves. Like the rest, this appears to be drawn by Harvey Tolibao.

Update 2: Well, after a couple of days off, and a bit of a spoiler from Diamond, we finally have another ___ for hire teaser for you. This does answer one question about the, according to Diamond, December 2010-launching Heroes For Hire book. Misty Knight, who was in the last incarnation of the series, will be returning in her role as bad-ass detective. Whether her partner Colleen Wing or her paramour Danny Rand will be stopping by remains to be seen.

Update: Tuesday afternoon brings another "_____ for hire" teaser from Marvel Comics, this one depicting long-time Captain America associate and Avengers alum The Falcon and the text "Wingman For Hire." The e-mail accompanying the image simply read, like with yesterday's Elektra teaser image, "Coming December 2010."

Falcon has played a major role in the Captain America series as of late, and was also one of the characters featured in Marvel's "Who Will Be The New Man Without Fear?" teasers. 

While yesterday's Elektra: Assassin For Hire image led to speculation that it might have meant a new Elektra miniseries or ongoing, this Falcon image is clearly from the same set of teasers. Something along the lines of a new Heroes For Hire series, perhaps? Keep checking Newsarama for details as they develop.

Original Story: Marvel Comics continues to hone their teaser craft, and today they've released to press an image of Elektra accompanied by the text "Assassin For Hire," with only "Coming December 2010" in the body of the e-mail.

Shadowland, a crossover with Elektra as a major participant, ends in November. Last week, Marvel promoted the post-Shadowland series Daredevil Reborn by releasing two covers. Earlier in the summer, Marvel hinted towards a new character taking the role of Daredevil with their "Who Will Be The New Man Without Fear?" marketing campaign.

Elektra last starred in the Shadowland: Elektra one-shot by writer Zeb Wells and artist Emma Rios, released earlier this month.

What's next for ELEKTRA?

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