'Next Big Thing' - UNCANNY X-FORCE LIVE!

At the end of "Second Coming, a guilt-ridden Cyclops shut down X-Force, the X-Men's black-ops division with a licensed to kill (a lot). Wolverine still had use for the idea, though, and put together his own team: Archangel, Psylocke, Fantomex and the still-really-popular Deadpool.

First announced back in April at Chicago's C2E2 convention, the new team is set to star in Uncanny X-Force — originally called "New X-Force" — debuting on October 6, courtesy of writer Rick Remender and artist Jerome Opeña, plus covers from Essad Ribic. Their first target is a big one: Apocalypse. 

On Wednesday, Marvel unveiled a trailer for Uncanny X-Force, and today, the comic is the focus of their latest "Next Big Thing" conference call with members of the press. The call's scheduled to include Remender and Marvel Vice-President Executive Editor Axel Alonso, talking about the comic's initial story arc (and maybe how the team got those nifty silver and gray outfits). It's set to start any moment now, and Newsarama will be there live — just click on the Cover It Live box to follow along, and check back at the conclusion of the call for new images from the series.

UPDATE: Two alternate covers and five brand-new pages of interior art from Uncanny X-Force #1 added!


Uncanny X-Force #1 alternate cover by Rob Liefeld.

Uncanny X-Force #1 alternate cover by Clayton Crain.

How long until Cyclops find out about UNCANNY X-FORCE?

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