Marc Guggenheim, co-writer of the upcoming movie Green Lantern, said the film treatment for The Flash is finished, and the Green Lantern sequel is next.

"We've turned in the treatment for Flash," Guggenheim said of the movie, which will be based on the DC Comics speedster. "And we're talking about Green Lantern 2."

But despite rumors about development of a Green Lantern 3, they're not quite there yet, he said.

"It would be a quality problem to have, to think about a third. But one step at a time," Guggenheim told Newsarama.

A veteran TV and comics writer, Guggenheim and co-writers Greg Berlanti and Michael Green were hired by Warner Bros. earlier this year to write film treatments for both The Flash and Green Lantern 2. The trio apparently impressed the studio with the script for the first Green Lantern, which is currently being filmed in New Orleans with Ryan Reynolds in the lead role as Hal Jordan.

"I went down to New Orleans two months ago to see some of the Green Lantern filming, and I got to see a whole bunch of things in connection with the movie," Guggenheim said. "In all honesty, I was completely blown away. I don't think it dawned on me how huge this movie would be until I went down to New Orleans and really saw everything that I saw. It was incredibly eye-opening. I was really rendered speechless. There's just no way for me to put it to words, just how huge this movie is going to be."

Rumors surfaced in early August that a Green Lantern 3 movie was already in development, but Guggenheim said the second movie is still in the infancy stage.

"I think where that came out of was, when Greg Berlanti originally pitched the movie to Warner Bros., he pitched three movies. So there's always been, and he's said this publicly, that there's always been enough story for a trilogy," Guggenheim said. "The scope of the character and the character's world requires that. But we're really just focusing on the treatment for Green Lantern 2.

"And I know that everyone involved in the production of the movie is just focusing on completing the first film," he added.

The writer confirmed that although he, Green and Berlanti aren't writing a sequel for The Flash, they're open-minded about the possibility, knowing that there's more than enough material about the speedster.

"I think it's very hard to talk about these characters in a closed-ended, sort of non-sequel way," he said, "especially characters like The Flash and Green Lantern, which have such rich, long histories. You can't help but talk about the characters and go, 'Oh, I really want to do the movie where we get to this moment, or that moment.' So you're always talking in terms of sequels, but no, nothing's planned. We haven't even written the script yet for The Flash. It's very much one step at a time for The Flash.

"But it's terrific that people are talking along these lines," Guggenheim said of the sequel excitement. "I think that talk really comes out of the great amount of faith and the movie and the optimistic feeling about it. So I think that's only a good thing."

The three writers are no stranger to superheroes, with Green and Guggenheim both having written comic books for DC and Marvel. Berlanti is also writing superheroes as the creator of ABC's upcoming superhero-themed No Ordinary Family, on which Guggenheim is serving as consulting producer.

Guggenheim has also written The Flash for comics in the past, and beginning in November, he's taking over Justice Society of America, beginning with a story that just happens to focus on the oldest Flash character, Jay Garrick. "I'm obviously swimming in deeper Flash waters than normal," he laughed.

With Green Lantern scheduled to be released on June 17, 2011, many fans of the DC character wonder whether there will be a cameo in the film, maybe connecting it to the eventual The Flash movie. And since the same writers are handling both films, is there a chance the two superheroes could be set within a shared universe?

"I actually can't confirm that. I wish I could," Guggenheim said. "The truth is, those sort of decisions get made high above my pay grade.

But that doesn't mean he's against the idea, having even stated in the past that he'd love to see a Superman cameo in a Green Lantern movie. "I have all sorts of my own ideas and things I would like to see or like to do. And I'm certainly a voice in favor of cameos and Easter eggs and trying to tie the movies together," he said. "But you really have to talk to DC about that."

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