UPDATED: THE WALKING DEAD Teaser - "Surrender"




Update Sept 22: If it's more teasers you want, it's more teasers you're going to get! A new issue of the ultimate zombie series hits comic shops today, and Image wants to make sure you check it out, as the scene at the town is about to change considerably. These new teasers make things look even more dire for our heroes... who knows what will happen in the book where just about anything can? 

Updated September 8th with a new "Desperate Times" teaser image....

Original story: Image Comics sent over these teasers for The Walking Dead with the heading "No Way Out."

What does it mean for the Zombie horror series? The second teaser expands on this a little bit with the image of the wall.


That wall currently surrounds the community our heroes found and reside in. Even for those reading by trade, they'll know that they got there and many are worried that all is not quite as it seems.

So what is going to happen to our cast? Speculate away!

What do these teasers mean is in store?

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