Updated w/Video: SPIDER-MAN: SD Unique on Nintendo Platforms

SPIDER-MAN: Unique on Nintendo Systems

We've talked before about how Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions plays on PS3 and Xbox 360, but before the game comes out next week, on September 7, 2010, we finally got a chance to check it out on Nintendo's platforms.

The Wii game is remarkably similar to the Xbox and PS3 versions; in fact, this is one of those rare cases when the developer of those two, Beenox, also developed the Wii edition. That means the story, the essential gameplay beats, and the general look and feel of the game is identical in all three versions.

The Nintendo DS portable console also gets a version of Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions next week, but it's a wholly different game. Instead of the 3D experience of the home consoles, this one is a 2D side scroller, reminiscent of classic Metroid or Mega Man games. There are 3 worlds instead of four (no Ultimate here), and they are all connected to form one gigantic map. Each of the 3 Spider-Men has their own unique abilities, and limitations, until later in the game when things are unlocked for all. This means at first, Noir can't wallcrawl, 2099 doesn't use webbing but can glide, etc. The game's graphics look like they're pulled straight out of an animated series, and it lays simply but very fun. With a pretty huge map to explore, the constant jumping between worlds, and lots of ways to take down the badguys, this is a great Spider-Man game for kids and commuters alike, and a nice complement to the console edition.

Which version of Shattered Dimensions are you getting?

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