19 Y.O. POLISH Artist Brings Euro Style To Archaia's LUCID

19-YO Artist Brings Euro Style To LUCID

an image from LUCID

When Lucid #1 hits stores on September 8th, readers will be introduced to the artwork of Anna Wieszczyk.

The 19-year-old artist, who lives and works in Poland, is working with writer Michael McMillian, an actor on TV shows like True Blood and What I Like About You. So while readers of Lucid may pick up the comic to see McMillian break into comics, they may be surprised to discover Wieszczyk's art, with its unique European design.

Wieszczyk got the attention of the folks at Archaia with her one-shot story, Acid Sunset, which appeared in Image's Popgun Anthology Vol. 4. She's also working on Halo8's Godkiller comic book & illustrated film.

A four-issue mini-series, Lucid is the first joint comic project by Archaia Entertainment and Before the Door Pictures, the company co-founded by Zachary Quinto of Star Trek fame.

The comic is set in a world where international spies use secret magical powers. The story focuses on Matthew Dee, the "Combat Mage" for the American president, who is a descendent the real historical figure John Dee, magician to Queen Elizabeth I.

So far, the comic has gotten stellar reviews based upon its debut at Comic Con International in San Diego. As we approach the release in comic stores, Newsarama talked to the Polish artist to find out more about her style and how she became interested in comics.

Newsarama: Anna, how did you get started drawing? And what sort of artwork do you enjoy creating?

Anna Wieszczyk: I started drawing when I was really young—in fact, I don’t remember exactly when. It became serious when I made decision to go to the art school, and now it’s simply a way of life for me. So I could say I’ve been drawing most of my life. I really can’t say what kind of artwork I like to create the most, because I’m rarely satisfied with my art. I like exploring new media and themes. Right now, I’m really enjoying silk-screen printing.

Nrama: And how did you get involved in comic books?

Wieszczyk: I started doing my first small commissions during my second year of art school, simply to get some extra money. Soon it turned out to be something I really enjoyed and like to do.

Nrama: What did you think of the story idea behind Lucid, and why did you want to draw it?

Wieszczyk: Lucid is a very compelling story, with a detailed setting. The structure of the script is built great, so it’s really a pleasure to work on it.

Nrama: What is the overall feel you're trying to create in this comic?

an image from LUCID

Wieszczyk: I’m trying to keep the Lucid illustrations different from my usual hipster-Goth style. I’m trying to make the pages bright, dynamic and fun. Since I don’t have much experience with mainstream comics, I’m learning a lot, too while hoping that Lucid will turn out really enjoyable and interesting.

Nrama: We have seen some preview pages of the comic. How do you get that look?

Wieszczyk: I improvise!

Nrama: How do you draw the magical elements of this world? What are some of the more unusual things you've had to depict and how did you portray them?

Wieszczyk: I think Matthew Dee’s flying triangle is the weirdest thing from the Lucid world. I’m trying to draw magical elements as weird as I can and give them that kind of awkward “what the hell am I looking at?” look. Since I was surprised myself with description of that flying triangle ship, I just decided to make something that would be mysterious for the readers. I tried to avoid any hints that explain its weird look or mechanism.

Nrama: How did you approach the design for Matthew Dee? How did you come up with his look?

Wieszczyk: I got a detailed description of Matthew and I tried to follow it, but in the end he changed a lot from my first sketches, and I think he’s still changing as I become more and more comfortable with drawing him.

Nrama: What do you think is the most unique thing about the story in Lucid?

Wieszczyk: I think Lucid is a very unique mix of themes that function in modern subculture, while at the same time serving as commentary of modern myths and paranoia. The different characters and the motives behind them are very compelling and I really enjoy getting to know them more and more.

Nrama: Anything else you want to tell readers about your work on Lucid?

Wieszczyk: Yes. This is my first mainstream comic, so please bear with me!

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