NEW COMICS DAY Twitterama - YOU Review Comics! 08/25

NEW COMICS DAY Twitterama - YOU Review!

That sweetest of mid-week treats is here — New Comic Book Day! If you're looking for lots and lots of previews of this week's books to whet your appetite, click on over thataway.

To get an idea of what's coming out, Caleb gives his take on new notable releases in the weekly 'Twas the Night Before Wednesday column, over at Blog@Newsarama.

Misadventures in the timestream continue in Avengers #4 — as you can plainly see from the image above. Also at Marvel, one new title begins — Stuart Moore and Ariel Olivetti's Namor: The First Mutant — while a long-running one ends, with Spider-Girl: The End

Team-up book Superman/Batman hits a milestone with issue #75, featuring a bunch of high-profile creators including Paul Levitz, Joe Kelly, Steven T. Seagle, Jerry Ordway and Francis Manapul. This week DC also sees J. Michael Straczynski's run on Wonder Woman, new costume and all, continue with issue #602.

There's a whole lot more this week, including Benito Cereno and Robert Kirkman teaming-up for Image's Guarding The Globe #1 and Dark Horse's Star Wars: Blood Ties—A Tale of Jango and Boba Fett #1

We've already got advance Best Shots reviews on new books like Boom's Dracula: The Company of Monsters #1, but we want you to get into the action. So, when you get your haul this week, hop on Twitter (Don't forget to follow us!), and tell the world what you think of this week's reads. Just add the hashtag:


and it'll go into our stream right here! So share your thoughts, spread the word, and let's talk comics!

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