Marvel Teaser: "The End" (of Daredevil?)

Teaser: "The End" (of Daredevil?)

Marvel is still cranking out the one-image/one-line teasers in advance of the release their November 2010 solidifications, and Tuesday's entry is called simply "The End", featuring what appears to be burning (?) versions of Daredevil ... perhaps DD burning in hell?

"The End" reminds of Marvel's long-standing series of 'extra-continuity' specials featuring the "last story" of prominent characters, usually set some time in the future, but with Shadowland currently the focus in Daredevil's world and Marvel promising big changes and teasing a new Man Without Fear, one has to wonder if this "The End" is set in current continuity and we might be seeing the last days (for now, anyway) of Matt Murdock sooner than later...

Look for answers likely no later than a week from today when Marvel's November solicitations are due.

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