New MASS EFFECT Chapter Continues the SHADOW BROKER Story

Another MASS EFFECT Chapter Announced

Update/Correction: As pointed out by intrepid  commenter Tairu, this is actually the title of the new DLC expansion pack recently announced for the game. The expansion promises to team Shepard with Liara, and apparently as revealed by these teasers with Feron as well. It's an interesting cross-promotion then, with Dark Horse using images from the comic to promote the game; wherein initially the game was used to promote the comic. This close cross-promotion is rarely seen in the games-comics crossover. There also be more comics in the line on the way, but for now, it looks like this is merely to show off the game's DLC being inspired by/continuing the story of the first comic.

Original Story: Fans of Mass Effect: Redemption, the first comic book based off the popular Bioware video game franchise, may have been a bit disappointed by news of the next comic in the series. Mass Effect: Evolution, coming from the same creative team as Redemption, abandons the characters from the first, instead opting for a prequel to the whole series, focusing on the mysterious Illusive Man.

Fans of Liara, Feron, and who want more information on the equally mysterious Shadow Broker seem to be in luck. Over the weekend, Dark Horse sent us these teaser images, announcing a direct sequel to Redemption called Mass Effect 2: Lair of the Shadow Broker. Based on the current timelines of the games and comics, this comic should take place at roughly the same time as the game it shares part of its title with, Mass Effect 2. In that game, the Shadow Broker is an important part of a side quest.

Not much else is known about the series just yet, but more, including release date and creative team, is on the way soon.

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