Top Cow's ARTIFACTS Prologue Finale: The 13th Artifact

The World Doesn’t End in 2012.  It Ends in 2011:

Countdown to Artifacts

Newsarama Note: This is the official prologue to the upcoming series Artifacts. The team at Top Cow Productions brings us an exclusive inside look at each of the mystical Artifacts, as Sara Pezzini, Danielle Baptiste, and Jackie Estacado give their unique perspectives on the sources of power. Come back each week for more information on the other Artifacts.

Part 1 began with the Trinity looking at their own sources of power, and the exclusive first two pages of Artifacts #1, and can be read by clicking here.

Part 2 had the Trinity evaluating Finn and Glori, the Ice and Fire bearers.

Part 3, they took a deeper look at Angelus, discuss the mysterious curator, and introduce the one chronicling these conversations.

Part 4, it's the religious artifact, the Spear of Destiny, and its wielder, the Magdalena, descendant of Jesus the Christ.

Part 5, The Blood Sword, the first Artifact wielded by someone who is already an Artifact bearer takes the focus.

With more than half of the Artifacts down, we turn in Part 6 to the Wheel of Shadows.

Part 7 belongs to The Rapture... and yes, that's as potentially bad as it sounds.

Part 8 explores the Coin of Solomon, and the legend of the man behind the Artifact.

Part 9 features a new Artifact, which has yet to be seen, the Heart Stone.

Part 10 has all the evils of the world locked away inside it. Dare to open Pandora's Box?

The finale plays host to the mysterious 13th Artifact. Things will not go well for the Top Cow universe.

Separately, 13 Artifacts guide the fate of the universe.  Together, 13 Artifacts will end the universe.

This summer, Top Cow Productions, Inc. kicks off the 13-issue world shattering event series with Artifacts #1.  The first chapter, presented by writer Ron Marz and artist Michael Broussard, marks the beginning of the path that will forever alter the course of the Top Cow Universe.

Reporting from the underbelly of New York for the weekly Twilight Alternative is Gretchen Fullmer, byline “Gretch.”  She is the go-to-girl for late-breaking news if you believe in Angels, Demons, or Homicide Detectives who bear supernatural gauntlets.  Her dedication to unearthing the news that the other scandal tabloids deem too fantastic and unbelievable for print keeps her in the know of the forces that truly guide this world.

Artifacts begins NOW.

Lucky Thirteen

By Gretch

Twilight Alternative Staff

In less than two years, our streets will fall still.  The hustle of Broadway will be hushed.  All the cars clogging each lane will be frozen in final tracks of desperation and the blackened windows of the skyscrapers towering overhead will shed no tears for the loss of their makers.

And that is if we get off lucky.

Doomsday is upon us.  And it’s coming via Thirteen Artifacts presented to us in the fashion of the four horsemen of the apocalypse and so forth.  Thirteen is our lucky number.  As we stand with our mouths agape at the sight of the crumbling Empire State Building, all we can do is manically attempt to trace the connections from all of the premonitions and signs that led us to this fate.

Trust your superstitions, readers.  Set the clock back to the 13th of Friday in January 1881.  A group of influential New Yorkers gathered for dinner in a cabaret club with the intent to end the pervasive prevalence of silly superstitions.  Thirteen attendees were invited to the event, held at 8:13 and taking place in room thirteen of the venue.  Each guest walked under a ladder to enter the room and dined near piles of spilled salt.  Of course nothing happened to any of the attendees that night.  As such, so called “Thirteen Clubs” proliferated and spawned imitators over the next 40 years.  Even five U.S. Presidents belonged to a Thirteen Club.

It’s easy to mock a superstition and pretend to be above rumored supernatural hexes.  The only thing easier is mistaking the token superstitions for the incomprehensible horror behind the concrete routines of superstition.  In the articles of the previous weeks, I focused on the variety of Artifacts I believe to represent a fraction of these all-powerful Thirteen: the Spear of Destiny, the Blood Sword, the Wheel of Shadows, the Rapture, the Coin of Solomon, the Heart Stone, and Pandora’s Box.  Separate, they divvy out all of the energy of Light and Dark that keeps our fragile universe in balance.  Brought together, a mysterious 13th Artifact comes into play, detonating everything and wiping our slate to zero.  This universe ain’t big enough for all of that firepower, and lucky number 13 knows this as it atomizes us.

Thirteen is a basic structural unit in nature.  It represents the attracting center around which elements focus and collect. On paper, six circles drawn around a seventh circle displays a diagram of geometric efficiency and perfection.  In three dimensions, this model of perfection expands to twelve spheres arranged around a central thirteenth sphere.

Triskaidekaphobia is the intellectualized term for “fear of the number Thirteen.”  It’s why building planners and architects decided that most of our buildings shouldn’t have a thirteenth floor (unless we number it crazy, like 12A, or skip to 14… or just make it a mechanical room).  Airlines generally skip numbering any terminals with 13 (not that they halt all flights on Friday the 13th!).  Superstitions like these make for great headline copy to distill reader fear on otherwise slow news days.  But in numerology, thirteen represents change.  At a human level, change can be good or bad, sure.

Bringing together the Thirteen Artifacts will bring change.  Bad change.  The vastness of the universe will hardly regard the destruction of our world, barely noticing us in its indifference.  For our world, change at a cosmic level can only be catastrophic.

John Cusack along with those pesky Mayans and their pesky calendar have us all led to fear the end of days coming December 21, 2012.  Good little Christian boys and girls will have just set up their Christmas trees and started acting on suspiciously good behavior at the last minute to ensure that their stockings aren’t stuffed with Kingsford charcoal.  Regardless, we are all kindling.

Nothing will be the same.

Want to know more about the mysterious Thirteenth Artifact?  Pick up Artifacts #1 today!  Be sure to get your hands on Magdalena #2, Witchblade Origins Volume 1, Witchblade Volume 7 and The Darkness Accursed Volume 3, all out now!  Angelus #4, Darkness #84, Witchblade #136, and Broken Trinity: Pandora’s Box #2 also available!

Artifacts has begun...

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