SDCC 2010: ASPEN Goes Digital, Launches New Titles

SDCC 2010: ASPEN Goes Digital

Aspen's stable of writers and artists attended Comic-Con International: San Diego this year with the explicit goal of announcing more than ever before for the small publisher. With four new series launching, original web content, and the continuing adventures of the rest of their line, Aspen is clearly ready to expand.

Digital comics are an important part of the comic book world, just one year after the conversation truly began in earnest. Aspen's flagship title, Fathom, will be the first to go digital in an original story made specifically for the web. The story, by Vince Hernandez and artist Siya Oum, will focus on Aspen Matthews dealing with the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Aspen is making their first digital effort a charitable one as well; all proceeds from sales of the comic are being donated to the National Wildlife Federation to help those affected by the spill.

They're not only doing original content though. Over the next few months, Aspen will move Fathom, Soulfire, Executive Assisstant: Iris, Shrugged, Mindfield, and Dellec to digital formats, with more to come. No official word on what distribution partner they'll be using yet.

Before getting to their new titles, they announced a push for one of their current ones. Next summer will be the "Summer of the Executive Assistant" with a  push and event for the series teased at the show. More Fathom is on the way soon, and the publisher reminded fans of The Scourge, which just launched last week, Mindfield, J.T. Krul's telepathic CIA Agent story, and the upcoming Lady Mechanika.

Charismagic Promo

But what about those four new series? The first is called Charismagic. The series, by Vince Hernandez with art from Khary Randolph and Emilio Lopez, features a Las Vegas showman who finds himself thrust into a world of "real" magic. The fantasy action-adventure series will launch early 2011, followed by 3 more titles in three more genres. Broken Pieces is next in the Spring, a post-apocalypic series by Mark Roslan. Later in 2011 and into 2012, Peter Steigerwald will launch the interstellar series Zooniverse and Frank Mastromauro will launch another sci-fi series, Sunslashers.

As for the Fathom movie? It's currently a bit stalled, but hasn't entered development hell yet, as the search for talent to make the film happen is still actively on.

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