SDCC '08 - Barry Levine on Bryan Singer & Freedom Formula

Levine & Shern on Freedom Formula

Following the official announcement of Bryan Singer’s commitment to produce the film adaptation of Radical Comics’ Freedom Formula , we sat down with Barry Levine, President and Publisher of Radical Publishing to discuss that project and the future of Radical.

Newsarama: First off Barry - Bryan Singer and . How did those worlds meet?

Barry Levine: Bryan’s a visionary filmmaker and a brilliant storyteller. My mission at Radical is to work with the best creators in the industry and Bryan’s on anyone’s shortlist. We met with Bryan (Singer) and Alex Garcia at Bad Hat Harry Productions and they were instantly moved by Freedom Formula and wanted to be on board. Myself and the rest of the Radical team couldn’t have been happier.

NRAMA: And Bryan Singer’s producing this, correct?

BL: That’s it. Bryan’s the kind of artist that fully immerses himself into directing. Right now he’s committed to his current project, but he’s making Freedom Formula a priority and he’s going to be very, very involved in the development of the film, as will I and the rest of the Radical team. Bryan (Singer) and I both want to ensure that the Freedom Formula film will be a benchmark in film making genre. Neither one of us will accept anything less than that.

NRAMA: Was there always a plan to make a Freedom Formula film?

BL: Radical is a publishing company first and foremost, so our main focus is making sure that our intellectual properties are bold, strong, and executed with strong writing, talent, and quality art. That being said, in the world of narrative entertainment, you have to always be open and prepared for the possibility of a property to transcend into a film, television show, video game, or other multimedia opportunity. Our focus is not publishing stories to court Hollywood, but I take it as a compliment that Radical is producing work that has brought Bryan Singer to the table.

NRAMA: How involved will Edmund Shern (the creator and writer) be in the development of the property?

BL: Very much. Edmund created the world as well as the story and he has a very strong vision. He’ll be definitely aiding us tremendously through the process.

NRAMA: Any directors or actors connected to the project?

BL: Radical Pictures and Bad Hat Harry are meeting with both talent and directors for Freedom Formula. Keep your eyes open for another announcement in a few weeks.

NRAMA: Is there a target date for release?

BL: We all want to see it in 2010. That gives us enough time for the right script development and the right talent to deliver the best film possible to fans of the series and people whose first experience with Freedom Formula will be the film.

NRAMA: Earlier, you mentioned video games. Is there a video game on the way as well?

BL: Let me put it this way. It’s a character driven property about speed, risk and competition...would you like to play it?

NRAMA: No doubt.

BL: Then you’ll probably get the chance. I’ll leave you with that.

NRAMA Is there anything else you want to relay to the fans out there?

BL: Gratitude. Gratitude. Gratitude. I want to thank them for reading this, for giving Radical Publishing the phenomenal launch we’ve had in 2008 and I want to give them my word that with Freedom Formula and anything else under the Radical brand, we’re going to keep working to give them the best stories characters, and art in high concept genre content.

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