SDCC 2010: DC Universe: Event Horizon LIVE!

SDCC 2010: DC Universe: Event Horizon

The edges of the DC Universe are far and wide. With a new Batman title and a new Flash title already announced, it looks like it's expanding faster than ever before. So what's to come with this stable of godlike heroes and villains? DC's writers, artists, and editors came to Comic-Con International: San Diego Saturday with the express purpose of telling you! Check out our live coverage below, and we may just get another surprise or two.

12:30-1:45 DC Universe: Event Horizon— Ian Sattler, senior story editor, and your favorite writers and artists are here for the main event: The DC Universe! What lies ahead for your favorite heroes and series? Got a question for your favorite DCU creator? Come on by! There's no greater gathering of top-tier creative talent! Room 6A

Speed Force, Batman, Inc., it's the age of the team!

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