SDCC 2010: Green Lantern: Emerald Empire LIVE!


Sure, he's got that big movie coming, but that's just one little piece of the Green Lantern Corps. In the DC Comics world, the Corps has grown, with more ongoing series and more warriors of light than ever before. The creators and editor of the line came into Comic-Con International: San Diego on Saturday afternoon for hints at what's to come for the lanterns of very color.

2:00-3:00 Green Lantern: Emerald Empire— No evil shall escape this panel's sight as the top creative teams on the Green Lantern books drop hints on upcoming stories and take on your questions! Led by group editor Eddie Berganza with Geoff Johns (Green Lantern, The Flash), Tony Bedard (Green Lantern Corps), Joe Prado (Brightest Day), and Ivan Reis (Brightest Day). Room 6A

No Evil Shall Escape!

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