SDCC 2010: Star Wars: The Old Republic LIVE!

E3 2010 - Hands-On With STAR WARS: TOR

Bioware knows RPGs. With two super-succesful single player games in the last year with Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age: Origins, they've shown that they can get better and better. Re-teaming with LucasArts, the company now seeks to take Star Wars online in a massively-multiplayer online RPG that should be unique in many ways. Find out more about the story and the way it will be told at Comic-Con International: San Diego on Friday!

1:00-2:00 Star Wars Day: Beyond Solo: Crafting the Multiplayer Story in Star Wars: The Old Republic— BioWare's James Ohlen (studio creative director and lead designer) Drew Karpyshyn (principal writer), Alexander Freed (managing editor), along with Jake Neri (senior producer, LucasArts), discuss the creation of the multiplayer, planet-spanning story in Star Wars: The Old Republic. While much attention has been paid to the unique individual stories of each of the eight classes in the game, the team is excited to share their approach to the broader stories players will experience in The Old Republic. Room 7AB

Star Wars, Nothing But Star Waaaaars!

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