SDCC 2010: DC Focus: Grant Morrison LIVE!

SDCC 2010: DC Focus: Grant Morrison LIVE

If you don't know who Grant Morrison is, chances are this is your first time on Newsarama. He's been the main mind behind Batman for the last few years, and before that he breathed new life into the X-Men. He's had hishand in nearly every cookie jar in the DCU, and still tells his own stories at Vertigo, too. After Thursday's Geoff Johns panel at Comic-Con International: San Diego saw a surprising number of announcements, these DC Focus panels are definitely worth watching.

12:30-1:30 DC Focus: Grant Morrison— The mastermind behind bestselling hits such as Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne, Joe the Barbarian, Final Crisis, Arkham Asylum, All-Star Superman, and many more invites you to this rare sit-down. You won't want to miss this candid chat about projects past, present and future, with glimpses into what goes on in the mind of Grant Morrison as he crafts some of the world's most thought-provoking comics! Hosted by DC's senior story editor Ian Sattler. Room 6DE

What's your favorite Grant Morrison story?

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