Readers Want to Pay for Digital Comics

Digital comics, love 'em or hate 'em are here to stay.  Marvel Comics has been a leader in in the digital realm with their own web-based subscription service, a custom store on the iPad and iPhone, a somewhat steady stream of motion comics, and more. See what's to come here at Comic-Con International: San Diego this Thursday evening!

5:45-6:45 Marvel: What's Next: Welcome to the Digital House of Ideas— Get the inside scoop on the all-new, all-improved, all-awesome, Marvel Digital Comics, and Marvel Motion Comics. With the launch of the groundbreaking Marvel Comics app in the iTunes App Store, this has been a historic year for the Digital House of Ideas. Now, find out what's next! Meet fellow fans of Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited and find out which of the hundreds of completed series in the service everyone's talking about. Plus, get caught up on's free streaming animated shows, how to "Create Your Own Comic" and "Super Hero" original video productions, and the Marvel Audience Network, including our very own social network. Join members of the Marvel Digital Media Group for all the digital dynamite! Room 6DE

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