GEOFF JOHNS Talks The Flash @ C2E2 2010

If you're a fan of DC Comics, or even of the greater DC Entertainment, you've probably heard the name Geoff Johns. He's the architect of the DCU in and out of comics, and one major part of the DC machine. On Thursday at Comic-Con International: San Diego, Geoff Johns sits down with one of his main editors, Eddie Berganza and chats about everything he has in store for some of your favorite characters.

2:00-3:00 DC Focus: Geoff Johns— Geoff Johns's storytelling and creativity fueled event blockblusters Blackest Night and the new Brightest Day and the character rebirths of Green Lantern and The Flash. As the new chief creative officer of DC Entertainment, Geoff can be expected to deliver even more thrills and excitement as his focus shifts to bringing the DCU to life outside of the comics, starting with the Green Lantern film and many other surprises! Don't miss this panel hosted by Eddie Berganza, group editor, interviewing one of the most exciting talents in comics. Room 6DE

What Geoff Johns related project is your favorite?

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