DC COMICS Releases BRIGHTEST DAY Teaser Poster


"Sometimes the light reveals the darkest secrets."

That's what the newest in the line of teaser posters from DC Comics says. Previous posters have hinted at deaths, rebirths, the passing of mantles and the destruction of worlds.

This one shows White Lantern Hal Jordan in the ruins of the White Power Battery, the new Aqualad standing near a distraught Mera, who is looking at the once-again-corpse-ified body of Aquaman, Hawk and Dove holding a limp Jade, and Martian Manhunter stoking a fire.

Set your collective heads on this and figure out what it all means, or at least post your best guesses! Click the image on the right to enlarge, or click here for an absolutely massive version and see what you can find.

So, what does it all mean?

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