Cover to June's Batman & Robin

This week has been pre-San Diego Comic-Con announcement week at DC Comics and this morning the publisher announced a new creative team for the Batman & Robin ongoing series.

Writer Peter Tomasi and artist Patrick Gleason, together once the creative team of Green Lantern Corps, will reunite on the Bat-title beginning in November.

"I'm incredibly excited to be working on Batman & Robin! I mean who the hell wouldn't be?!?” said Tomasi. “I've enjoyed my few forays into the Bat Universe with Nightwing, Batman: Blackest Night, And <9>Batman and the Outsiders, and was always hoping I'd get a chance to tackle a main Bat book, so to be able to take the monthly reins from Grant [Morrison] on such a tremendous book is a dream come true and it's going to be a blast, especially when my partner in crime is artist Patrick Gleason, who I've had a great working relationship over in Green Lantern Corps!"

"I can't wait to get started! Drawing Batman, Robin and Gotham city is something I've dreamt of sinking my teeth into for a very long time!” added Gleason. “Recently I've even had to start carrying around a sketchbook wherever I go because I constantly get these ideas of cool images, or random details that I want to use somewhere in the book.

“I am incredibly grateful to DC for the opportunity to be added to the list of fine talent who have laid pen and pencil to the Dark Knight. Also I'm very happy to continue working with Peter Tomasi. With him at the helm you just know we're in good hands and Batman & Robin will continue to be a great ride!"

DC is also telling fans to “wait a few days” for the answer to the questions they feel inevitably come out of this announcement, presumably what is the future of Grant Morrison in the Bat-office after he gives up the reins to Batman & Robin.

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