First used by Echo and later by Clint Barton, the Ronin guise is back, except this time, the costume isn't being used for fighting crime.

As announced Wednesday night by Blair Butler on G4's Attack of the Show, Ronin returns in the upcoming four-issue "Widow Maker" crossover between Hawkeye & Mockingbird and Black Widow, beginning with December's Hawkeye & Mockingbird #7. The "Fresh Ink" report tells that someone behind the Ronin mask is assassinating spies, with Mockingbird and Black Widow next on his list — leading the three Marvel Comics heroes on a quest to stop the deaths and find out who's wearing Hawkeye's old duds. One could also reasonably conclude things might get a little awkward, seeing as how Black Widow used to be in a romantic relationship with Hawkeye, who's now back with Mockingbird. (Given the image of Mockingbird and Black Widow fighting 53 seconds in, potentially very, very awkward.)

Hawkeye & Mockingbird writer Jim McCann revealed more "Widow Maker" details on his blog, stating that "No one emerges unscathed and at least one person comes out of this changed in a way they have never experienced and that will have readers talking about this for years."

Here's the video:

Game Trailers - E3 2011 - Fresh Ink  

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