DEADPOOL #1000 Features Tons of Cartoonists & Hot-Pants Zeus

DEADPOOL #1000: Hot-Pants Zeus!

Fans of the mouthy mutant named Deadpool are getting an oversized issue in August that marks the character's milestone 1000th issue.

Er... wait. Will Deadpool #1000 really represent that many issues for the character when it's released in August?

"Yes, I triple-checked," said Marvel editor Axel Alonso. "And by 'I,' I mean intern. And it has been one-hundred pages — I mean issues  – since Deadpool #900."

In actuality, the so-called "900th" issue was released just last year and launched a series of "milestone" jam sessions for Deadpool. Besides, as fans of the character know, everything having to do with Deadpool is a little exaggerated. In fact, Deadpool Team-Up has been counting backwards from #899 since its launch last year.

This time around, Deadpool #1000 includes the work of 11 artists and a slew of writers, including Dave Lapham, Peter Bagge, Adam Glass, Howard Chaykin, Fred Van Lente and Rob Williams.

Deadpool seems to be Marvel's man of the year -- something the character would love -- with series like Deadpool, Deadpool Corps, Deadpool Team-Up and Deadpool: Wade Wilson's War all coming out in August along with Deadpool #1000.

Newsarama talked with Alonso to find out more about the issue, and of course, the editor was having nothing but fun talking about the character and his 1000th issue.

Newsarama: Why do you think there's been such a revival of Deadpool lately?

Axel Alonso: Voodoo. Deadpool is like the Punisher meets Bugs Bunny – he’s unique.

Nrama: Do you think the love will last? Or is it more of a trend that's happening right now and will die off until the next time people discover the joy of this character?

Alonso: Oh, this will definitely go on forever.  Or at least until Deadpool #2000 – out this Fall!

Nrama: There are a lot of creators involved in Deadpool #1000. Was this a case of you picking and choosing, or were people knocking down the door to get their hands on Deadpool anyway?

Alonso: Once the word was out I was doing another jam book, the calls flooded in. Dean Haspiel even did a shirtless audition. Or was that a sweater? Whatever.

Nrama: How are the many artists involved? What type of work will we be seeing from each?

Alonso: There are 11 stories, and each is illustrated by a different artist, so let’s do the math…

Hold up, give me a second… Almost done.

Just onnnnne moooooooore second…

Okay, let me double-check...

$%^%, that can’t be right.

Start from scratch.


Eleven. Eleven artists.  Paco Medina, David Lapham, Jerome Opena, Matteo Scalero, Denys Cowan, Howard Chaykin, Philip Bond, Dean Haspiel, Michael Kupperman, Peter Bagge and Tim Hamilton.  A diverse bunch.

Nrama Anything you can tell us about the stories you guys will be telling in the issue?

Alonso: Just like Deadpool #900, it’s a jam book.  It’s like “Creator’s Gone Wild” – only the writers and artists keep their shirts on. Well, except for Dean Haspiel.

Nrama: Who are some of the (as the solicitation describe it) "cavalcade of baddies" that will be showing up?

Alonso: There will be mimes from outer space, cannibals, Canadians, Chupacabras, Dr. Doom, and Deadpool’s Next Big Villain: Hot-Pants Zeus. Thank you, Michael Kupperman, your legacy is sealed.

Nrama: Are there other heroes joining in the fun?

Alonso: The Deadpool Corps will make an appearance. And the issue features the very first appearance of Mustachpool, so it’s definitely going to be a collector’s item.

Nrama: Of that, there is no doubt. There's a lot of Deadpool around right now, but what else is coming up in the future of Deadpool?

Alonso: Hopefully, more stories featuring Hot-Pants Zeus.  Hey, if you had stems like him, you’d show ‘em off, too.

Nrama: And with that answer, I'll just finish by asking if there's anything else you want to tell fans about Deadpool #1000?

Alonso: Did I mention it had Hot-Pants Zeus in it?  

How much Deadpool is too much Deadpool?

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