Project Runway's Tim Gunn Loves WONDER WOMAN's New Costume

Wonder woman and Tim Gunn.

Unveiled this past Tuesday by publisher DC Comics, Wonder Woman’s new, more covered-up, outfit has received a decidedly mixed and sometimes downright hostile reaction from fans and observers. Blog commenter and message board posters have relentlessly debated the duds; Hollywood industry reporter Nikki Finke wrote “DC Comics Has Ruined Wonder Woman!” on her Web site,

“Project Runway” personality Tim Gunn has made a career out of having good fashion sense, and he’s squarely in the “pro” camp.

“I love Wonder Woman’s new look,” Gunn told Newsarama writer Alan Kistler. “This new look says, ‘I’m confident, I’m powerful, I’m sexy, and don’t mess with me.’ Furthermore, she looks like a citizen of the real world rather than a creature from another land.”

On “Project Runway,” one of Gunn’s most common caveats to the designers he mentors is pointing out when outfits look too “costumey,” so it’s not surprising that he’s in favor of this design. With its long pants and jacket, it’s much more reflective of the real world than the brightly colored one-piece bathing suit Wonder Woman had worn for decades.

“I would imagine that this new look will allow Wonder Woman to morph into situations in a less noticeable manner and, thereby be even more effective at combating evil doers,” Gunn said. “[This outfit]’s no longer a costume, it’s real clothes.”

As pointed out by current Wonder Woman series writer J. Michael Straczynski, one of the biggest questions of the superheroine’s previous costume was how she could fight crime without constantly risking a wardrobe malfunction.

“Considering how superheroes operate, you want freedom to move and move quickly,” Gunn said. “Capes and cloaks can be easily removed if they get caught on something. Gowns and dresses, not so much. The more form-fitting, the better. So tight pants or skinny jeans, sure. I think Wonder Woman could work a pant.”

Gunn is no stranger to the world of superheroes, having appeared as himself last year in the Marvel Comics miniseries Models Inc. Wonder Woman #600, the first issue featuring the new look, went on sale this past Wednesday.

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