CHAOS WAR Looms As HERCULES Returns at Marvel This October

CHAOS WAR Hits Marvel This October

Hercules, thought dead at the hands of Athena as of the final issues of The Incredible Hercules, is back, and he's bringing friends.

As announced last night by Blair Butler on G4's Attack of the Show, the original Prince of Power will be starring in the October-scheduled, five-issue, Chaos War miniseries, facing the threat of "mad god" the "Chaos King" — who appears to bear a striking resemblance to Hercules foe Amatsu-Mikaboshi — and his "army of alien slave gods." Helming the series is the familiar Incredible Hercules team of co-writers Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente, along with returning penciler Khoi Pham.

To counter the Chaos King, Hercules gathers a "God Squad" in the form of the following heavy-hitters: Thor, Galactus, the Silver Surfer, Sersi and Venus. Amadeus Cho, currently carrying Hercules' legacy as leader of the Olympus Group along with his adamantine mace, is seen in the G4 piece in a group shot with the "God Squad." Members of the Avengers and Fantastic Four are also seen in the preview images, and where there's Pak, the Hulk isn't usually far behind — Butler tells that the Hulk will assemble the "surviving members of his family" to join the fray.

Here's the video:

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Hercules Returns! What do you most want to see happen in the Chaos War?

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