Poll: DIGITAL COMICS & YOU: Does DC Make A Difference?

DC Announces iPad App, PlayStation Deal

DC Comics has finally come to the digital party, launching a major e-comic books initiative on Apple's iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and the PlayStation Network in the early morning hours of Wednesday, June 23.

DC joined rival major publisher Marvel Comics in the digi-sphere, who has offered online versions of some of their vast comic book library for some time now and launched a similar app to DC's in early April of this year (coinciding with the debut of Apple's iPad).

So in light of the industry’s two major publishers now offering similarly functioning apps, along with many of the industry's smaller, independent publishers, Newsarama wants to know if Wednesday's DC news affects your stance on digital comics books?

Are you now ready to make the move to all digital? Or have you already?

Will today's announcement get you to tip your toes in the e-waters for the first time? Or are you still a hold-out?

Let us know where you currently stand on digital comics and its future by taking part in in our latest Newsarama reader poll, and then click on the link right below if you want to discuss the issue with your fellow fans...

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What titles do you want to see go digital?

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