DC COMICS Contest Lets Fans Tell SUPERMAN "Walk This Way"

DC Contest Lets Fans Boss SUPERMAN

Superman may be "Grounded," but fans get to tell him which way to walk.

This morning, DC Comics announced that a contest will determine the places Clark Kent visits in his year-long trek within the pages of Superman. As part of the promotional effort behind "Grounded," the new storyline from writer J. Michael Straczynski and artist Eddy Barrows, fans are being encouraged to write essays about why their town should get a visit by the hero.

"The contest gets people talking about Superman in a way that's really beyond the story and the comics — it's about how Superman affects their lives and how they perceive him," DC Co-Publisher Dan DiDio told Newsarama.

It's all part of a promotional push DC is making for "Grounded," which kicks off today with a short story in the pages of Superman #700, then officially gets started in July with Superman #701. In the story, the hero decides he wants to "re-connect" with America by walking among its people.

Straczynski told Newsarama that he conceived the contest when he was first suggesting the idea of Superman's self-imposed grounding. "I said, 'you've got to get the country involved in this. Get the nation talking and thinking about Superman again. Let folks get involved and write in and explain why Superman should come to their town. Then we can have him actually visit that town, that street, in the pages of the book,'" he explained.

Because the writer has worked with DC to determine the hero's general route across the country, the contest is only open to cities within 50 miles of Chicago, Des Moines, Omaha, Denver, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Portland and Seattle.

To enter, fans should submit a 75-to-1,000-word essay describing why Superman should visit their hometown during the "Grounded" storyline. DC is encouraging the inclusion of photos and other evidence that makes the place stand out.

In an environment where national contests are pretty rare in comic books, DiDio said this storyline works well with a contest because it has a theme that is distinct from what's been happening with Superman.

"The whole purpose of the story is Superman reconnecting with his adopted roots," DiDio said. "We spent the last year or so with Superman in space. Now we have him back on Earth."

The official rules are listed below:


1. HOW TO ENTER: NO  PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER. To enter, send a 75-1,000 word essay describing  why the SUPERMAN character should visit your home town during the "Grounded"  storyline by email to publicity@dccomics.com or  by regular mail to:  

Alex Segura

c/o THE SOURCE blog


1700 Broadway, 5th  floor

New York, NY 10019

Entries must be received no later than 11:59 PM EST, July 12, 2010.  Though not required, you are encouraged to include photos from your home town  and evidence that your home town has a thriving comic book/library/literary  community.  Contestants must use their own names and provide a  valid email address or mailing address.  For email submissions, the  Contestant will be deemed to be the holder of the established email account  associated with the entry.  DC Comics assumes no responsibility for  entries unable to be processed for any technical reason, and DC Comics  reserves the right to cancel the contest if it becomes technically corrupted  or for any other reason beyond DC Comics’ control.  Use of all personal  data submitted by Contestants will be subject to DC Comics’ privacy policy  available at http://dccomics.com/about/?action=privacy.  

2. ELIGIBILITY:  Contest open to legal residents of the United States who are at least 18 years old as of July 1, 2010, and live within 50  miles of one of the cities listed below.  Further, Contestants must  reside in the home town described in their entries.  Employees of DC  Comics, its affiliates, parent companies and subsidiary companies, and their  immediate families (parents and children) are not eligible.  Void where  prohibited. CHICAGO, DES MOINES, OMAHA, DENVER, SALT LAKE  CITY, LAS VEGAS, LOS ANGELES, PORTLAND, SEATTLE

3. PRIZES:  Winners will have their home towns included as  destinations for the SUPERMAN character in the pages of the ongoing SUPERMAN  series during the 12-issue "Grounded" storyline and will receive a copy of the  issue including their home town autographed by the writer and artist of the  issue (approximate retail value $2.99 per prize; approximate retail value of  all prizes $26.91).  Applicable taxes are the responsibility of the  Contestant.

4. WINNERS:  Nine winners will be selected from all eligible entries  based on originality, creativity and such other criteria as the judges  determine appropriate in their sole discretion. Decisions of judges are  final.   Each winner will be announced online on THE SOURCE after  the close of the submission period and in advance of the publication of the  issue of SUPERMAN in which that winner’s home town will be included. Odds of  winning depend on the number of eligible entries received.  For a  complete list of winners write to DC Comics, SUPERMAN 'GROUNDED' CONTEST, 1700  Broadway, New York, New York 10019.   

5.  OWNERSHIP:  All submissions will become the property of DC  Comics and will not be returned.  By submitting an entry, Contestant: (a)  represents and warrants that Contestant's entry will be original  with Contestant and will not violate or infringe upon the rights of any  person or entity; (b) grants to DC Comics the right to reproduce the entry  online and in print materials, including, but not limited to, on DC’s THE  SOURCE blog and the DC NATION page of its comic books for any and all  commercial purposes in perpetuity, and (c) agrees and hereby releases DC  Comics and its parent companies, affiliates, subsidiaries, employees, agents,  officers and directors from any and all liability or responsibility arising in  connection with Contestant's participation in the contest and acceptance of  any prizes which may be awarded.

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