DeFalco Prepares for SPIDER-GIRL's End...For Real This Time

DeFalco Prepares for Spider-Girl: The En

Spider-Girl's publishing history has had a lot of stops and starts, but Marvel has announced the character's final story with August's Spider-Girl: The End!. And the character's co-creator, Tom DeFalco, said this really is the last story about the character he plans to write.

"As far as I know, Marvel plans for Spider-Girl: The End to be the last appearance of Mayday Parker," DeFalco said. "I first began working on Spider-Girl during the summer of 1997 and will stop writing her in the summer of 2010. During the course of this association, I have truly grown to love Mayday Parker and her cast of characters. I’m going to miss her."

DeFalco, who will write the End special with the character's co-creator Ron Frenz on art, said he has "no idea" how the decision came about to release this one-shot to finalize the character's story.

"The team and I were surprised when the company told us that they were taking us out of Web Of Spider-Man and giving us our own book, again," he said. "We were surprised again when we were told our new monthly book had suddenly become a four-issue limited series. Then we were told to do one final story called Spider-Girl: The End."

The Spider-Girl character resides in an alternate universe called "MC2," where she's the superpowered daughter of Peter and MJ Parker. "Mayday is a warm and sincere person who just brings out the best in people," DeFalco said. "I enjoyed spending time with her and I think the readers did, too."

The character, who was first introduced in a 1998 "What If?" issue, ended up starring in her own series for 100 issues until her series was cancelled in 2006. After loyal readers complained, Marvel relaunched the series, but that comic's low sales ended up in cancellation, with Spider-Girl appearing instead in back-up features and a web series.

Finally, this year, Mayday starred in Spectacular Spider-Girl, a four-issue mini-series that is due to end in August, only weeks before the release of the Spider-Girl: The End special.

But according to DeFalco, the one-shot doesn't act as an ending to the mini-series.

"Spider-Girl: The End will stand totally on its own," he explained. "If you’ve never read an issue of Spider-Girl, you’ll be able to jump right in and join the fun. If you have read previous issues of Spider-Girl, you’ll have even more fun and heartache!"

In her End story, Mayday will fight against her nemesis and clone, April, with a resolution to their battles expected for fans. DeFalco said other characters "who need a resolution will get one."

"This story is full of action and angst and there won’t be a dry eye in the house," he said.

Although Marvel has relaunched and revived the character in the past, DeFalco said he doesn't expect Spider-Girl to return for a while, and may come back in a different form. He said was thankful to readers for their "encouragement, support and loyalty" over the years, but he believes that he is finished with the character.

"No one can truly predict the future. Is it possible that Mayday will return in a few years? I guess so. If I were to bet on it, I’d say one of our current readers will eventually grow up, break into the business and be the one who revamps Spider-Girl for a whole new generation," DeFalco said. "As far as I’m concerned, I truly believe that this will be the last time I ever write Spider-Girl."

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