E3 2010 - Hands-On With STAR WARS: TOR

After a screening of the new Star Wars: The Old Republic cinematic trailer at E3 2010 in Los Angeles, the folks at LucasArts and Bioware showed off the recently announced player character personal spacecraft, the design of which will be unique to each class, a collection of stat-boosting armor, and the PvP ‘war zones’ designed for team based combat laid out to reflect classic Star Wars battles.

Visitors were then invited to take control of the latest build of the game in each class (save for the two Jedi builds) although only at a very low level.  

As a Smuggler or an Imperial Agent, it was the first ever MMO combat cover system that was the key to playing in those classes.  Constantly outnumbered, taking cover (which is implemented as a skill only usable at predetermined and selected points) aptly increases your defense and evasion stat, letting you pick off foes with your blaster before they flank you.  

The Imperial Agent’s sniper attack make short work of foes, while the Smuggler’s debuffing Stun Grenades leave crowds dazed and temporally defenseless.

Taking command of a Sith Warrior (one not yet able to use a lightsaber at that character level) in the ruins of Korriban gave a taste of melee combat.  A Force jump-slash closed the distance on a gang of blaster wielding foes where your Sith training blade can ably fell them one at a time with the early level flurry or power attacks available, listed as skills on a number-key bar in classic MMO fashion.

When pressed about the possibility that the game, when released, will be over-populated with the classically powerful and popular Force attuned classes, an impromptu panel of developers sought to recall the success that bounty hunter types have had with Jedi in the films, and the appeal of the Han Solo-type character.  

They also explained that while powerful Sith will wield the always-deadly Force Lighting, high level non-Force capable classes will have powerful attacks of their own, including a flight of hover assassin drones and the ability to call in an air strike on a pesky force-user.


Will this make you an MMO player? If you already play MMOs, will this one earn your playtime? Sound off!

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