E3 2010 - UBISOFT Press Briefing LIVE

Ubisoft Presser

The last press conference of E3 2010's first day belonged to games publisher Ubisoft. Hosted in the historic Los Angeles Theatre on June 14, 2010, the publisher played to a packed house. New chapters in popular franchises, along with all-new titles, were expected.

The presentation started with a demonstration involving Microsoft's Kinect. it was a Tempest style corridor shooter, showing the player traveling through a tunnel and using hands and gestures to blast oncoming and surrounding enemies. Bright  colors, a techno soundtrack, and enemies that burst into many tiny pieces were the hallmarks of the demonstration.

The game is called Child of Eden, and it's from Tetsuya Mizuguchi, of Rez fame.

Joel McHale came out to host the show once again. The presentation would have "Games You Can Feel," promised McHale.

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood teaser was up next, and played on a huge cloth screen, with the projection also taking up the wings of the stage.

After the teaser, a full trailer was shown featuring a now classic scene of Assassin walking through a crowd of people; this time he has help, with guards taken down by others of his ilk. Ezio is once again the star here, joined by 4 other assassins.

The release date of November 2010 was followed by Vincent Pontbriand and Patrick Plourde coming on stage.

Ezio is now a living legend, and "deadlier than ever." a cinematic, showing that he's also "still a ladies' man", with him waking alongside a pretty woman, brought us to a scene from 1499.

The game, as shown in brief gameplay footage, will feature full use of horses, including advanced horse fighting in the final game. Ezio was shown climbing, running, and jumping across walls and others. He was then showing using a cannon to take down a siege tower and the enemies own bombardments. "Ezio will have multiple new gadgets and machinery at his disposal."

A sword fight sequence against multiple opponents had Ezio take a couple of them by the head, firing his hidden gun into their heads, and finished with him throwing an axe into the chest of a larger enemy.

For the first time ever, you can play multiplayer Assassins versus Templars, as well.

The next trailer was for Shaun White Skateboarding. McHale was joined by gold medal snowboarder Shaun White on stage. Offseason, White is a professional skateboarder, with medals in Vert skating (the half pipe).

Nick Harper from Ubisoft came out to talk more about the game. Shaun's big contribution was in how to look at the world, as things to skate upon.

Quest mode features the "Ministry" run world; as you do tricks, you re-invigorate the world and unlock more gaming areas, as well as color and ramps, rails and such. "Shaping" areas marked in green allow you to actually build, in real time, using the analog stick, your own rails, ramps and other parts of the world.

Six people with plastic guns and some kind of shoulder strap on ran out, shooting at each other. Gaël Seydoux, Producer of BattleTag came out. This is a "combination of two worlds, a lasertag game and a shooter game," said Seydoux.

The game master on the computer keeps track of your score; you play away from the screen, but are managed by the computer. One gameplay mode showed Joel running between checkpoints. You scan your gun at checkpoints, then fire at the "ubiconnect" base station. It comes with two guns, four checkpoints, 1 ubiconnect and two harnesses, and is coming Fall 2010.

Tommy Francois, New Concept Director came out to discuss Innergy. The "Innergy Sensor," which looks exactly like Nintendo's similar sensor that goes over your finger, is worn, then you follow a breathing pattern. The idea is to bring you to cardiac coherence, bringing your mind, heart, and breathing together.

Two new titles developed for Microsoft Kinect were revealed: Motion Sports, another sports compilation title, showed football, skiing, soccer, both single player and competitive multiplayer. Your Shape, Fitness Evolved, shown at the Microsoft Press Conference was shown once again, as well.

Online challenges were shown during the demo, with a friend sending a challenge via Xbox Live. Challenges can also be seeing through Facebook and Twitter.

Raving Rabbids: Travel in Time showed the next game in that series. The Rabbids, this time, are traveling through time via a washing machine, affecting history through their antics. The game comes to the Wii November 9, 2010.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier trailer was next, showing soldiers with advanced tech, from exoskeletons to personal shoulder-mounted rocket launchers. In what looked like the halfway point between a standard soldier and an Iron Man suit, the Ghosts are ready to rock the near future.

Adrian Lacey and Rafael Morado, Producer and Game Designer came out to discuss the game. Lacey talked about some of the weapons and technology, which is all based on theorized tech.

The live demo showed a destroyed coast, and ghosts using their new adaptive camouflage (invisible suits, like that found in the series.

Four player co-op will be available for the whole campaign.

Driver: San Francisco sees the return of Tanner, the protagonist of the first game. Jericho, the villain of the second also sees action again. Big car chase sequences are of course part of the plan, and this time over 100 licensed cars with full damage are in the mix as well. the new "Shift" mode allows you to jump to any car on the 208 miles of road instantly, for reasons explained in the story. Shift will be available during multiplayer as well.

Yves Guillemot, President and CEO of Ubisoft, came out to tease 4 new projects in various stages of development. A project codenamed "Dust" will be out in Spring 2011 via Xbox LIVE and PSN. The game features control over the elements.

A new Rayman: Origins game brings us the beginning of the vegetable man thingamajig, with other characters and villains designed by 5 artists using new tools made by Ubisoft. The side-scrolling platformer will include 2 player co-op, as well.

Maniaplanet is a new platform for PC, allowing PC gamers to develop their own games or play others' creations. Track Mania beta launches Quarter 4 2010, Shoot Mania Q2 2011, and Quest (RPG) Mania is "coming soon."

The final tease, coming Q4 2010, was a Michael Jackson dance game. Not much was said about the game at the presentation, instead opting for a presentation with six dancers having a dance off to Jackson's "Beat it."

What do you think of Ubisoft's announcements this year?

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