E3 2010 - ELECTRONIC ARTS Press Briefing

E3 2010 - EA GAMES Press Briefing

Electronic Arts is one of the biggest video game publishers in the world. From EA Sports to the Sims to the action of Harry Potter and the adventures of Role Playing Games like Dragon Age and Mass Effect, EA is always guaranteed to have some of the biggest games on the shelf every year. Find out what the publisher has in store for you this year during their media briefing at E3 2010.

Technology is ubiquitous at these events nowadays, and that unfortunately meant that the wifi networks were completely overloaded. Sorry for the delay, and now, here is your EA Press Briefing.

The packed Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles, California hosted hundreds of gamers anxious to find out what Electronic Arts had in store for the coming year. While certain things are expected of EA every year, like their annual Sports games, the company still hoped to wow the crowd of media and industry professionals with their new slate of games.

The briefing began with a message, "What side are you on?"

This went straight into a trailer for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, featuring a group of criminals and a group of police officers, even throwing things into the mix like catraps and more.

Criterion Games Creative Director Craig Sullivan came out to officially announce the game, coming out November 16, 2010.

"To Us, Need for Speed means exotic cars, hot pursuit." Autolog allows players to connect compete and compare with their friends, a full service interface that allows for multiplayer and more.

A demo between two players was shown, with one as a cop and one as a racer. A short cinematic ran prior to them actually jumping into the game, moving seamlessly into gameplay. All the standards are there, like speed boost, a running tally of "target damage" for the cop, and just "damage" for the racer. When the cop gets a certain amount of points, he can unlock different roadblock abilities. Likewise, the racer unlocks abilities. Once the counter hit 100%, the racer crashed spectacularly.

Next up was John Riccitiello, CEO of EA. He promised 10 great games from ten great producers.

Second up was Dead Space 2 and Exec Producer Steve Papoutsis. He mentioned the game, Image Comics seers, movie, and "Extraction" the Wii game.

The sequel takes place on a full-size, thriving city. Producer Rich Briggs came out for a live demo of the game. Almost immediately when he started playing, one of the monstrous Necromorphs attacked, knocking him down, and forcing him to fight from on his back. A smaller, childlike group of the alien threats came down and attacked him next. He fought them off with a variety of familiar weapons and melee attacks. Isaac, the hero of the first game is back, along with his time-stopping/slowing abilities. If this demo is an accurate representation, there are a lot more enemies this time around, with another around every corner and through every door.

Environments are much more spacious in Dead Space 2, as Isaac isn't limited to a mere spaceship. The city is absolutely huge, with tons of buildings to explore as you go throughout the game. an additional threat was seen in the form of a ship hovering outside a building window and firing away. A monstrous necromorph finished the trailer. January 25, 2011 for this sequel.

Next up is first person shooters. Medal of Honor is being jointly developed by EA LA and DICE, with the first doing single and latter doing multiplayer. Sean Decker, General Manager of EA Los Angeles took the stage to talk about the new game.

MOH takes the series out of World War II for the first time ever, instead playing in Afghanistan. To demonstrate, they're doing a live 24 player software demo on stage, even though the game is in Alpha, an early development stage. Team Assault was the mode they came up to play, a team deathmatch mode. "Camping" is next to impossible, promised Decker, and constant motion will be required.

They did in fact display a live demo of 24 player action. Points are awarded for kills, headshots, assists, counter intelligence, and more. Ribbons are issued, and an airstrike with a tomahawk missile was shown after a certain number of kills. The game, coming October 12, 2010, looked remarkably smooth so early on.

A Beta of the game will launch on June 21st for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. The announcement was followed by a multiplayer trailer, showing many of the things just described, plus tank battles, mounted guns, multiple-jet airstrikes and more.

Katrina Strafford, Senior Director of Online at EA unveiled "Gun Club." It's a rewards system specifically for shooter fans. The loyalty program will allow fans that pick up the games early demo and beta access, exclusive weapon access and more. Go to ea.gunclub.com to sign up. Battlefield Bad Company 2 VIPs who preorder MOH get early access to the new beta, this Thursday June 17.

A sneak peak of BBC2's expansion pack was shown. It's Battlefield: Bad Company 2: VIETNAM. This full expansion comes Winter 2010.

Peter Moore, President of EA Sports took the stage to show the "largest most diverse line ever" at E3. The three "true game changers" started with EA Sports MMA. Randy Couture and others will be in the game, and Couture will share the cover with another fighter.

The game will have fighters from and training facilitates, rings, and cages from all over the world, including Thailand and Brazil.

"Our gameplay rewards consistency" rather than complex button sequences.

EA Sports Live Broadcast is a new online feature that allows people to play their games in front of audiences. You put up hype videos and submit your profile to fight in live shows complete with live sportscasters. You fight for real world prizes "and online fame." People can watch on the web or on their console.

EA Sports MMA is in stores October 19, 2010.

Next up was interactive fitness. EA Sports Active 2, announced earlier today as a launch title for Microsoft's Kinect, as well as being on the Nintendo Wii, got the spotlight here. The game goes multiplatform, also coming for the PS3. It's also going online and wireless, thanks to new sensors and a heart rate monitor. You can track your progress online, on the web, seeing a full chart of what you're doing workout wise. The game launches November 16, 2010.

A demo followed showing ehe three games. A heartrate monitor goes on the left arm for any of the three games. The Wii gamer also had a strap on her upper thigh and the Wiimote in her hand. The PS3 demoer had the thigh strap and a second arm strap on her right elbow. The Kinect gamer had only the heartrate monitor.

The online tracking of your workout data will automatically upload to easportsactive.com. You can share your fitness progress and goals with friends, allowing for some competition.

The final EA Sports game was Madden NFL. "Technology evolves, football evolves, Madden NFL evolves."

3 vs. 3 co-op play online, plus simpler, quicker and deeper core gameplay and playcalling are on the list of new features. Gameflow is the new playcalling system.

Hall of Fame Quarterback Joe Montana took the stage to talk about playcalling and preparation for a game.

In real game situations, plays are categorized typically by down and situation. Gameflow does that now in-game, where your play is chosen using actual statistics of how teams make their calls in real life. The quarterback also wears his headset, allowing the player to get tips and last-second calls from the sidelines. it puts the focus on "making plays, not just making calls."

Rod Humble, Exec VP of EA Play came out to talk a little philosophy and the concept of free will. the line "Play with Lif3" was on screen, talking about The Sims 3, now coming to consoles. The simulator behind this version of the game actually gives The Sims a level of free will which makes an ecosystem that is impossible to predict.

The goal for the Sims studio is to expand The Sims even further. The Sims 3 comes to consoles this fall.

Partnerships were next, with spotlights on Insomniac and Respawn being mentioned quickly. Crytek got a chance to take the stage with Crysis 2. Cevat Yerli, Founder, CEO, and President of Crytek come out to introduce the game.

"We don't tell you how to play," said Yerli, "We give you the tools to play future warfare as the ultimate supersoldier, as you like." He repeated the message from the Crysis 2 event in NYC a couple months ago, mentioning New York as the setting and an "emotional connection" with it.

The gameplay demo showed some frantic action, with extremely fast enemies dodging away from shots and running at the player to attack up close. the player then fought a massive robot, requiring several passes using the stealth capabilities on the nanosuit and multiple explosives.

Crysis 2 will play on PS3, Xbox360, and PC in stereoscopic 3D this holiday season. It was demoed next in this mode. The added depth was impressive, with a much truer sense of distance than is available without such technology.

Bulletstorm from Epic Games and People Can Fly was next. Cliff Bleszinski came to his second press event to show off the new game.

"It's a game that encourages you to play with your enemies like a cat plays with a mouse." The game comes out Feb 22, 2011.

Comic writer Rick Remender has written the game and follows the characters through a storyline of "redemption and revenge."

Steve Blum, the voice actor known for his roles as Wolverine in multiple games and TV shows and Spike Spiegel in Cowboy Bebop, voices the main character. There are a lot of environmental kills available, and lots of over-the-top violence, explosions, and dialogue. Kicking people into things and off of platforms seemed a favorite way to kill for the demoer, but weapons that caused explosions, tore off limbs, and froze enemies in the air were also shown. Many "extra point" attacks are given, including one called "fire in the hole" in which a small charge was placed, well, you can figure it out. Over-the-top is what they're promising, and that sure seems to be what they're delivering so far with Bulletstorm.

Star Wars: The Old Republic was represented by Greg Zeschuk from BioWare and Mary Bihr from LucasArts. In the game, every player will get his or her own starship, similar to the current Star Trek Online.

The first Player Vs Player details were delivered in the presentation. Warzones will be the sections where Jedi and Sith can battle. The first announced one is on Alderan.

The new trailer, "Hope," showed both dark and light Jedi, as well as soldiers and droids fighting in a large cinematic. We'll have that for you shortly. We'll also have hands-on impressions of the game for you later this week.

What do you think of EA's offerings this year?

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