HeroesCon 2010: MARVEL SHADOWLAND Panel

HeroesCon 2010: MARVEL SHADOWLAND Panel

Writer Jeff Parker and editor Bill Rosemann were on hand at HeroesCon in Charlotte, North Carolina on Friday to moderate Marvel's short-but-sweet Shadowland panel.

They opened up the floor to questions from the very beginning, foregoing any presentation.

The first question was a natural: will Iron Fist and Luke Cage will be teaming up in the big crossover, and the answer is of course, almost right off the bat. Parker asked if anybody would be interested in seeing Luke Cage being brought to the big screen. He would be interested, but who would play him? A few people in the audience suggested rapper/actor Common, but that idea was shot down.

Parker and Rosemann then talked about Daredevil and the evolution of the character. Essentially how Daredevil has a villain's origin. How something like his sight was taken from him and instead of being bitter towards the world, he fights for justice and good. Though recently he's very close to the edge, yet always seems to find his center again. The big question of the series is how long he can maintain the order of his ninja clan and basically "keep his hand clean".

Shadowland starts in July and runs through November. Rosemann talked about the few tie-ins to the event: Blood on the Streets (which centers around Silver Sable, the Shroud, Misty Knight, and Paladin), a Moon Knight mini-series and a Bullseye one-shot, amongst others.

Rosemann then explained the Thunderbolts to people who may not be familiar with the team, from their conception with Kurt Busiek and Mark Bagley, to where they are now and soon to be headed with Luke Cage as leader.

Then they ran down a list of the new members of the team, being written by Parker. Juggernaut, Ghost, Crossbones, Moonstone, Songbird, Mach V (formerly Mach IV), the Fixer, and Man-Thing. Both Parker and Rosemann expressed  how much they find the the character of Man-Thing interesting and then went into a bit about the character and his origin. An audience member then asked about Man-Thing's connection to the Legion of Monsters. Parker and Rosemann hinted Man-Thing will no longer be on that team during his tenure on the T-bolts.

Rosemann was then asked about how he keeps everything in continuity for such a crossover like this. He explained, and then held up, a spread sheet (from a distance) that covers the crossover and the events in it. He then went into what an editor does when an event like this happens and took fans through the steps they take to make sure characters are where they are supposed to be. When the "big reveals" happen, they have to keep track of other books that it's tied to that also feel the effect.

A question was asked about whether or not Echo would make her return and yes, Parker commented that she is coming back in the near future.

Another question from the audience asked if Namorita will be around as well, and Parker simply stated "Read Thanos Imperative #2."

The panel concluded as a fan asked the final question: Will there be any chance of Jean Grey coming back as a Thunderbolt? That got a reaction from the audience. Parker and Rosemann talked about wanting her on that team, but it's not likely now, though they said they will definitely try.

Jean Grey on Thunderbolts? What do you think?

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