Analytical + Whimsical Mystical = DAVID MACK's DREAM LOGIC


David Mack's work is already unexpectedly personal, as his fans will attest. Through his multi-media work in titles like Daredevil and Kabuki -- even sometimes sharing his own self-portraits in words and pictures -- Mack has opened himself to his audience in ways that are surprisingly thought provoking and intimate.

Now the artist steps out from behind the page even more in next week's Dream Logic #1, a huge art book filled with behind-the-scenes commentary, scripts, and new artwork. The first in a series of Dream Logic books from Marvel's Icon imprint, the issue functions as yet another way for the artist to share his work with his fans.

"It’s a 48-page book with everything from a new short story to a profile of my new paintings for the Tarot Card set and book, to figure studies, step-by-step art process, childhood drawings and more," the artist told Newsarama. The new short story is an "autobiographical first person sequence of a kind of dream story taken from my sketchbooks/ journals."

Mack, whose artwork combines symbolism with story through a variety of artistic media, chose the title Dream Logic based not only on the story, but also on the idea that life itself operates in a sort of "dream-logic."

"The meeting place of the analytical and the whimsical mystical," Mack said, trying to define what he means by dream-logic. "The intertwining double helix of the conscious expression with the mysteries inherent to the organization of the unconscious."

Mack said the idea to release all this information in an oversized series of comics came to him after fans kept asking to see how he put together the artwork in Kabuki and Daredevil.

"Readers ask me for art books and information of my art process and sketchbooks as well as personal stories, and experimental stories, and this is a nice format to accommodate that," he said.

The step-by-step art techniques shared in Dream Logic include photos of the stages of paintings from Kabuki images, Daredevil images, upcoming covers and the new Tarot Card project he recently completed.

"There are also figure studies and drawings from life, taken directly from my sketchbooks and work outside of comics," Mack said.

Scripts are included, sharing how an artist with such obvious visual strength first constructs his stories in words. "For books, for stories, certainly I write out the story first. Then do many drafts of it to finesse it each time into a workable script," Mack explained. "If I’m writing the script for another artist, I may contribute some layouts as well, or some notes of possible visual solutions.

"If I’m writing the script for myself, I then do many layouts of each scene based on the script to best figure out the visual shape and pace of the scenes."

The book also includes art that was cut from the documentary on Mack's work, The Alchemy of Art: David Mack, a DVD that is already filled with extra features.

While Mack's critically acclaimed Kabuki: The Alchemy took years to complete, its recent release in both hardcover and paperback marked the beginning of several releases by the artist. Electric Ant, his adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s work, is currently shipping from Marvel (complete with Paul Pope covers). And the Reflections hardcover artbook is currently offered from Marvel and includes a signed & limited edition with sketch.

Along with a new Kabuki statue being released from Pop Culture Shock Collectables, Mack's Kabuki series is also returning in hardcover, with Marvel offering a limited edition sketch with volume 1. "I’m very happy to have that finally back in hardcover," the artist said.

Outside comics, the original paintings of his tarot card project are currently being exhibited in Brussels and Paris through August. Mack said the work will be available around the end of the year.

And Mack intends to continue sharing his intimate behind-the-scenes comics with readers, with Dream Logic #2, another 48-page issue, already solicited for August.

"And I’ll keep offering more issues as long as readers find them interesting and useful," Mack said.

For more details about David Mack's work, visit the massive fan site of his work at The artist also encourages his fans to follow him on Facebook & Twitter, where he updates regularly.

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