Is This the Big-Screen CAPTAIN AMERICA Costume?

Is This the Movie CAP Costume?

Okay, here's the short version - Entertainment website #1 ( is shown concept art of one of the Captain America costumes from the 2012 Marvel Studios film. Website posts detailed written description of concept art but asked not to show the actual art online

Website gets fans to submit art based on written description instead

Entertainment website #2 (Ain't It Cool News) has a "fan" submit art also based on website #1's written description, and publishes the art. 

Website #1 tells website #2 that their art is the concept art they originally saw and described in written detail.

Got all that?

Either way, it looks like there is a good chance the images AICN is showing today is official art from the movie.

Head on over there to look at more images and head on over to for starting it all and then tell us what do you think?

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