ELEKTRA "Will Stab Someone With a Sai" in SHADOWLAND

ELEKTRA "Will Stab Someone With a Sai"

As Daredevil takes a stand in this fall's street-level Shadowland, one Marvel character decides that her connections to Matt Murdock are strong enough to go to war for him.

And it always helps to have someone like Elektra Natchios on your side.

Elektra, often described as the most dangerous woman in the Marvel Universe, reunites with Daredevil in Shadowland: Elektra, a story by Zeb Wells that hits stores in November. The one-shot issue, which features art by Emma Rios, returns Wells to the character he explored in Dark Reign: Elektra last year.

In Shadowland, Daredevil leads the Hand to take control of the streets of New York, and many of the heroes in the Marvel Universe aren't pleased. What results is a war of not only words, but plenty of street-level brawls, with ninjas, martial arts experts, and kick-ass fighters like Elektra embroiled in hand-to-hand combat.

As most comics fans know, Elektra has a long and sad history with Daredevil, the two once falling in love. Newsarama talked with Wells about how this affects her as she fights for him in Shadowland.

Newsarama: How did you hear about the opportunity to write Elektra for this event? What did you think of Elektra's role in the Shadowland concept when you heard about it?

Zeb Wells: I actually tracked Steve Wacker down when I heard he had taken over the Daredevil office. I’d been wanting to do more Elektra since the Dark Reign miniseries I did with Clay Mann. I told him that if he ever wanted to do something with Elektra I wanted to pitch on it. I think he had just decided on an Elektra one-shot for Shadowland, so I hit him at just the right time.  

Nrama: Since you sought out the characters again, what appeals to you, as a writer, about Elektra's character? About her story in particular?

Wells: With her back story there’s a pall of sadness over everything she does. I like writing someone who’s so numb that she doesn’t bother talking to people unless she has to.

Nrama: What can you tell us about why Elektra chooses to side with Daredevil in this conflict?

Wells: Elektra isn’t going to be fazed by anything Daredevil does that other heroes might consider going too far. If Daredevil’s enemies are her enemies, her choice is easy.   

Nrama: We've been told the Thunderbolts and Avengers are going to get involved in this brawl. Can Elektra really make a difference against such formidable foes?

Wells: How dare you?!?! I’m wondering why Shadowland doesn’t end one page after Elektra shows up and takes care of business. Elektra shows up and then the rest of the story is just page after page of everyone thanking Elektra for saving their lives.

I might just have ruined Diggle’s story, actually.

Nrama: Is this story focused mainly on Elektra's side of the story, or will Daredevil be involved?

Wells: My story sets the stage for Elektra showing up in Daredevil/Shadowland. Daredevil’s definitely part of the story, but it’s more in the way his absence is felt by Elektra.  

Nrama: You mentioned the sadness that seems to follow Elektra, and that's particularly true of the tragic nature of her love affair with Daredevil. What makes the connection between these two characters to strong?

Wells: They were each other’s first loves, but because of who they are, they can’t be together. Their relationship is defined by sadness, longing, and tragedy. This will always push them apart, but they’ll always be connected.

Nrama: The artist on this one-shot is Emma Rios. Assuming it's a little too early to have seen her artwork for a September one-shot, are you familiar her artwork?

Wells: I was not familiar with her work until Steve sent me a bunch of her stuff in a fevered email telling me he had found our Elektra artist. We were both quite taken with it. She ended up doing some fill in pages for Chris in my Amazing Spider-Man Lizard arc, so I’ve seen her storytelling chops first hand. I have to say, I’m excited by the possibilities her artwork presents.

Nrama: Then to wrap up, Zeb, is there anything you can tell fans about Elektra's one-shot and what she'll bring to the events of Shadowland?

Wells: Elektra will most likely stab someone with a Sai during the story. What? Not enough? What if I told you she might stab two people at one time?


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