Be Spider-Man, Iron Man in New MARVEL MMO

Be Spider-Man, Iron Man in MARVEL MMO

After a notable aborted attempt alongside Microsoft a few years back, Marvel Entertainment is getting in on the MMO craze with Super Hero Squad Online. The game, developed by Gaziillion Entertainment (who are working on another title simply called "Marvel Universe" on their website), is based on the Super Hero Squad TV Show and Comic Series (which already has one video game to its name), and allows gamers to play as the cute-ified versions of their favorite Marvel characters.

In the press release, Gazillion focused heavily on the fact that players will be the Marvel Heroes, in contrast to the long in-development DCU Online from DC and Sony, wherein players create their own heroes to fight alongside the well known properties.

"You are not a nameless sidekick!" says Jay Minn, Creative Director for the game.

Characters like Hulk, Iron Man, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Cyclops, Invisible Woman, War Machine, "and dozens more" were mentioned as playable in the release. Silver Surfer, Falcon, Human Torch, Ms. Marvel, Storm, Thor, and Captain America were all shown in the accompanying image.

In a Marvel-dominated episode of Game Trailers TV this Friday night, May 14th at 12:30 EDT on SPIKE, the premiere trailer will be shown, alongside a new trailer and more information about the next Spider-Man solo adventure game.


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