As Shadowland details the showdown between Daredevil and the heroes who oppose his activities in New York, a few people who don't exactly fall under the term "hero" get involved as well.

Thunderbolts will just be coming off its new story arc with a new "Heroic Age" team when Shadowland forces its new leader to get involved in a two-issue story arc that begins in September.

Written by Jeff Parker with art by Kev Walker, Thunderbolts #148-149 will tie into the Shadowland event with the story of what happens when the team has a showdown with Daredevil and The Hand.

Parker's new team of Juggernaut, Crossbones, Ghost, Moonstone and Man-Thing, are under the leadership of Luke Cage now. And according to Parker, Cage's history with Daredevil is what touches off the story of the two Shadowland tie-in issues.

Newsarama: How did you find out about the opportunity to tie into Shadowland, and what did you think of the concept when you heard about it?

Jeff Parker: I like the importance that Shadowland brings to 'the street level' characters. This kind of thing is necessary for the Marvel Universe, it serves a strata that makes the foundation for the rest. You have the level Dark Reign existed on, you have the cosmic books, you have this. And at any time, one of them can take precedent -- that makes a dynamic universe of stories.

Nrama: How do the Thunderbolts end up getting involved?

Parker: This is the first time Luke uses the team in a personal way. He wants to go help/deal with his friend Daredevil, and he has his own small army. Luke's not one to ignore opportunity.

Nrama: How does Luke Cage in particular deal with this assignment? Isn't it tough for him to go up against this character in particular?

Parker: I don't think he's approaching it confrontationally- he seems to be keeping an open mind. But it does look pretty insane to him, no doubt!

Nrama: How does the rest of this team deal with the idea of going up against these characters? Is it a pleasure for some of them to take on this assignment?

Parker: Well, they're supposed to hover and see what's up, waiting for Luke to signal if they're needed. But they're in a dangerous part of Shadowland, and naturally, something unexpected is going to happen to them. It's a hard place to go and not get involved.

Nrama: What will the team end up encountering during this two-issue story?

What will be their biggest challenges?

Parker: Too early to say!

Nrama: Will the team be the same after these two issues? Or will we see some changes in the roster?

Parker: You're going to see a strong reaction from Luke about what happens. And as a result he's going to introduce some people in issue #150 that will really shake things up. So it's some showdowns that lead to a really special showdown!

Nrama: Anything else you want to tell readers about the Shadowland tie-in issues in Thunderbolts?

Parker: Oh that Crossbones, what has that mischievous imp done now...

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