TWITTERAMA - Review IRON MAN 2 Via Twitter

CLIPS: Iron Man 2

With Iron Man 2 in theaters officially at 12:01 am May 7, 2010, we wanted to offer this resource. Here you'll find all of our Iron Man 2 stories from this week, and a little something extra.

Our live Twitter feed will allow you to share what YOU think about the movie. All you have to do is tweet with the hashtag #IM2Rama and your tweet will automatically come up in the box below. Give a rating from 1-10 & your comments and we'll have them all right here. Now remember, don't tweet until you're OUT of the movie. And stick around after the credits for a little something extra! It's a quick, easy way to share your thoughts with like-minded comic fans, and let the world know what we, a large target demographic, think about the latest effort from Marvel Studios.

So read some stories, go see the movie, and share your thoughts here or on twitter! And don't forget to follow Newsarama while you're there!

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