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Iron Man 2 lands in theaters beginning this evening, and with it perhaps the fortunes of Marvel Entertainment’s entire slate of “Avengers” films.

The high-priced, highly-anticipated sequel, however, opens with much different expectations than its predecessor, 2008’s Iron Man. That nearly universally lauded film surprised everyone with a $98.6 million dollar opening weekend, on it’s way to an impressive $318 million dollar domestic gross, reigniting the career of star Robert Downey Jr. and raising the stakes on Marvel’s plans for perhaps dozens of inter-related “Marvel Universe” films.

Industry box officer watchers will be keeping a close eye on this one – just last month pundits were asking if it could overtake the current All-Time weekend record of $158.4m set by Warner’s The Dark Knight, also circa 2008. But early buzz and reviews that aren’t mirroring the original (which was perhaps inevitable) have tempered the expectations somewhat.

As the film’s likely opening weekend audience, we want to know what you think? Will it fall short, or top its own 2008 precedent? Break the all-time record? Or fall somewhere in between?

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