ARCHAIA July 2010 Solicitaions

ARCHAIA July 2010 Solicitaions

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Retail Price: $3.95

Page Count: 40 pages

Format: saddle bound, 6.625” x 10.25”, full color

Written by Andrew E. C. Gaska

Illustrated by Daniel Dussault

Cover by Daniel Dussault

Traveling to the outer system colonies with pop singer Angel Rei in tow, Thomm Coney and Eryc Kartoneas witness the first test launch of the experimental engine that will propel them to their destiny! But the Blackstar drive utilizes miniature black holes to catapult vessels to other worlds, and as the test begins, Thomm finds himself wondering, “Just what happens to the Earth system if a black hole doesn’t close?”

While the entrepreneurs are off world, natural calamity strikes New Bombay! In the devastated slums of the Ghost Quarter, the man called the Wraith rises to power, organizing the despondent Ghosts into a fanatical terrorist regime. Their focus: The death of those who would dare take mankind to the stars!

Mature Readers (Contains Adult Content)


Retail Price: $3.50

Page Count: 24 pages

Format: saddle bound, 8” x 8”, full color

Written by Guy Davis, Katie Cook and David Petersen

Illustrated by Guy Davis, Katie Cook and David Petersen

Cover by David Petersen

The June Alley Inn, located in the western mouse city of Barkstone, is lively tonight—a throng of mice are excitedly spinning fantastic yarns in a storytelling contest! One such tall tale is about a pauper mouse who risks life and limb to find the best gift for the most eligible young lady mouse in town.

Legends of the Guard is a continuing anthology series with artists and storytellers handpicked by creator David Petersen. Featured in this issue are tales by Guy Davis (B.P.R.D.) and Katie Cook (Fraggle Rock).

All Ages


Retail Price: $3.95

Page Count: 32 pages

Format: saddle bound, 6.875” x 10.25”, full color

Written by Matz

Illustrated by Luc Jacamon

Cover by Luc Jacamon

Ordinary People, Part 2. The new volume of The Killer continues! The Killer’s involvement with the Cuban agent Katia deepens, and he is once again drawn to wondering about his place in the world…

Mature Readers (series contains Nudity, Graphic Violence and Adult Content)


Retail Price: $3.95 U.S.

Page Count: 32 pages

Format: saddle bound, 6.875” x 10.25”, full color

Written by Hub

Illustrated by Hub

Cover by Hub

In the concluding issue of the Cycle of Air, Okko the ronin, bereft of his hand, rises to the challenge of unlocking the secret of Miss Mayudama’s silence.

Mature Readers (series contains Graphic Violence and Adult Content)


Retail Price: $5.95 U.S.

Page Count: 48 pages

Format: perfect bound, 6.875” x 10.25”, full color

Written by Jean-Pierre Pécau

Illustrated by Igor Kordey

Colors by Leonard O’Grady

Cover by Manchu & Olivier Vatine

Lucky Point. 1942: After two years of war, fate seems to finally turn in favor of the Allies. But William of Lecce has not said his last word. After defeating the archon Aker, William begins to work with the mysterious Nazi factory T4, whose raw materials seem to come directly from the concentration camps, while his agents seek some secret in Beirut. Meanwhile, in the U.S., Curtis joins the top secret “Manhattan Project” at Los Alamos…

Mature Readers (series contains Nudity, Graphic Violence, and Adult Content)

INANNA’S TEARS Collected Edition Hardcover

Retail Price: $19.95 U.S.

Page Count: 136 pages

Format: hardcover with dust jacket, 6.625” x 10.25”, full color

Written by Rob Vollmar

Illustrated by mpMann

Cover by mpMann

In Sumer, before the rise of the kingship, the prosperous city of Birith is known throughout the land for its devotion to the goddess Inanna. But after a thousand years of plenty, the city is in danger of being overrun by the nomadic refugees that swell in number outside of its walls. Even as her high priest makes plans to preside over his final ritual to Inanna and name a successor, powerful interests outside of the city begin to question the wisdom of continuing to submit to the Temple’s authority. When the role of consort is passed unexpectedly to a woman named Entika, she must overcome not only the prejudices of her own people but a cunning enemy backed by the rising tide of history.

Collects and completes the Innana’s Tears series, a proto-historical romantic tragedy in five acts, 5,000 years in the making.

Mature Readers (series contains Nudity and Adult Content)


Retail Price: $19.95

Page Count: 160 pages

Format: hardcover with dust jacket, 5.75” x 8.75”, full color

Written by Jesse Labbé and Anthony Coffey

Illustrated by Jesse Labbé and Anthony Coffey

Cover by Jesse Labbé and Anthony Coffey

From the minds of artists/storytellers Jesse Labbé and Anthony Coffey comes this epic tale of two adorable, fur-covered races doomed by their own escalating violence! The Ele-Alta and the Cropones wage war over the island of Berona’s most desirable piece of real estate: the land called Amity. Cute and cuddly on the outside, but ferocious to the core, these fuzzy fighters will continue their bloodshed no matter the cost!

The Berona’s War: Field Guide provides a great introduction to the world of Berona’s War, featuring maps, devious strategies, weapons, character and troop descriptions and the history of wartime events. This is the perfect primer for the upcoming Berona’s War: Fight for Amity!

All Ages


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