Yup, Chris Hemsworth IS THOR In First Image (W/ Poll!)

Yup, Chris Hemsworth IS THOR (W/ Poll!)

Chris Hemsworth IS the Mighty Thor! The first official image of the lead actor as Thor was released this morning. Our own Blog@ had the first look up right away, and the response was literally overwhelming- it overwhelmed the Blog servers!

It's safe to say people are excited about the Thunder God's live action adventure, but we want to know what you think of it. The costume is very classic comic book style, based largely off artist Olivier Coipel's slight reinvention from the comic's (and character's) relaunch a couple of years ago.

Thor is due in U.S. Theaters May 6, 2011, from Marvel Studios and Paramount Pictures.

So, what do you think of Thor's look for the film?

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