C2E2: New Comics on Tuesday? SECRET AVENGERS Reveals, More

The inaugural C2E2 kicks off in earnest Friday afternoon, and Newsarama will be ramping our coverage once the public panels begin in the later afternoon, but on Thursday night comic book retailers that attended the two-day Diamond Summit got a few sneak peaks at some projects and products that will be revealed in more detail throughout the weekend. 

Here are just a few thumbnail details courtesy of Diamond. Expect more info over the next few days…

  • WizKids told retailers that comics continue to drive its HeroClix line, and announced a Web of Spider-Man Set in August, a Brightest Day Set in October, and a DC 75th Anniversary Set

  • Dark Horse will introduce a series of #1 issues in August carrying a $1 cover price,  the return of Roy Thomas to Conan, a second Guild series from Felicia Day, and that Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 will also be starting in 2011.

    2011 also marks Dark Horse's 25th anniversary, and the publisher will celebrate with a number of new projects and initiatives, including publishing Finder graphic novels and re-introducing Dark Horse Presents, which will feature a new Concrete story from Paul Chadwick early on.

  • During "Dialogue with Diamond," a Q&A session hosted by members of Diamond’s Upper Management team, a discussion was held about potentially delivering weekly shipments to retailers a day before their on-sale date, while also possibly moving the weekly new release date from Wednesday to Tuesday. 

    Fletcher said that Diamond would be putting out more information on the proposed change, and polling Diamond retailers for feedback before continuing discussion with publishers on the topic. The majority of retailers indicated that they would like to see Tuesday releases implemented.  

  • Marvel hinted at a few new projects, including Death of Dracula, a Fantastic Four event/title ominously titled “3.”, and Steve Rogers and Nova were revealed to be members of the upcoming Secret Avengers.  And more Stephen King projects are in the works.

  • IDW teased a mystery project called “Infestation."

  • DC revealed a X-Files/30 Days of Night crossover series with IDW and announced Fables #100 will be 100 pages.


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