Don Kramer Joins JMS on WONDER WOMAN Team - Changes Promised

Don Kramer Joins JMS on WONDER WOMAN

The art team of Don Kramer and Michael Babinski will join writer J. Michael Straczynski as the full regular creative team of DC’s Wonder Woman beginning with issue #601, DC Comics announced Thursday afternoon.

"I knew from the moment I first saw Don's work that he would be perfect for Wonder Woman,” says Straczynski. “ What we're doing with the book - going back to the core of the character, really helping to define who she is, what she's feeling and what she's fighting for - really requires that you can see emotion in the faces of the characters, as well as a dynamic range of action and movement. Don brings all of those to the table.”

The publisher also released the accompanying image from the new art team, which features a Paradise Island that has seen better days and hints at the direction JMS plans to go in, or as DC puts it, “you can tell things are about to get dangerous for Wonder Woman - and things are going to change…” “…major, lasting changes for Wonder Woman and her world.”

"Our story puts Diana, alone, against almost impossible odds in a situation that begins with the destruction of Paradise Island and nearly everything she holds dear,” added JMS. “Pursued, hunted, with the events that led to this a mystery, and her future uncertain, Diana must go into the depths of her soul, and the darkest places in the world, to try and rescue the people, and the world, she cares for. Something, or someone, has flipped a switch so that the world she lives in is not the world that was...and she's the only hope of restoring that world."

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