THE ATOM Grows Into One-Shot, Ongoing Co-Feature

THE ATOM Grows Into One-Shot, Ongoing

This morning on DCU Blog The Source, The Atom gets his own "Brightest Day."

Ray Palmer, upon returning to the forefront of the DCU after a couple of years on its fringes, will now be stepping into his own one-shot this July with Brightest Day: The Atom. The one shot will apparently feature "Ray's early life" and introduce friends new and old to readers.

After the one-shot, the Atom will move into the back of Adventure Comics starting with issue #516, later in July, as the new ongoing co-feature. The creative team will be the same for both. Jeff Lemire, who has received critical acclaim for his Vertigo Comics series , will write, and 's Mahmud Asrar will draw the Atom's new adventures.

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