Nick Spencer's MORNING GLORIES Revealed


Update May 20th: 2010: Image has now released the real final Morning Glories teaser - although this one can't really be called a teaser because they've finally revealed details about the title.

The full press release follows:


Nick Spencer Teaches an Advanced Course in Sci-fi Mystery with MORNING GLORIES

Berkeley, CA - 20 May 2010 - In August, Nick Spencer -- the writer behind the critically acclaimed titles EXISTENCE, FORGETLESS and SHUDDERTOWN -- will school readers in sci-fi, mystery, and teen angst with MORNING GLORIES, an all new series published by Image Comics. Illustrated by phenom Joe Eisma (Existence 3.0) with gorgeous covers by Rodin Esquejo (Fractured Fables), the series launches with a double- sized first issue on August 11, 2010.

"MORNING GLORIES is RUNAWAYS meets LOST," exclaims Spencer. "I'm excited to offer readers a book that combines a challenging sci-fi mystery with the humor and charm of a teen adventure. This is a book that will keep the audience on the edge of its seat and coming back for more month after month, trying to put the pieces together -- and with Joe Eisma on art and Rodin Esquejo on covers, it's presented in an all-star package that will really make the book shine."

"This latest series from Nick Spencer may be his best yet," says Shadowline Publisher Jim Valentino. "If you haven't yet discovered why the critics are all raving about him, this is a perfect opportunity to learn. And rising talents Joe Eisma and Rodin Esquejo are knocking it out of the park for this baby, too."

MORNING GLORIES is the most anticipated new series of the year! Morning Glory Academy is one of the most prestigious prep schools in the country. But behind it's hallowed doors, something sinister and deadly lurks. When six brilliant but troubled new students arrive, they find themselves trapped and desperately seeking answers in a place where nothing is what it seems to be!

MORNING GLORIES #1, a special double-sized 44-page full-color series launch for $3.99, will be available August 11, 2010."

Update May 19th: 2010: In what seems like a capper, Image Comics has released another teaser image from creator Nick Spencer's new title Morning Glories.

This week's image introduces Casey, with the hard-to-top tag line, "Most Likely To Save the World". 

Look for more info on the series soon...

Update May 12th: 2010: Here's the latest teaser from Image Comics on creator Nick Spencer's new title, now confirmed by Diamond as being called Morning Glories.

This week's features Ike, and the tagline, "Most Likely To Hook Up With Your Mom."

Update May 5th: 2010: Another week another Image Comics teaser for creator Nick Spencer's new Image title, presumably called Morning Glory Academy.

This one features the character Jade, along with the tagline, "Most Likely To Emo Out All Over the Place."

Update April 28th: 2010: Image is out with another teaser (well two, we missed one last week) for creator Nick Spencer's new Image title, presumably called Morning Glory Academy.

These two feature the characters Hunter, with the tagline, "Most Likely To Quote Star Wars At Inappropriate Times, and Jun, with the tagline, " Most Likely to Kick Your Ass".

Original story published April 12th: Single image teasers with one-sentence teaser copy are officially all the rage, and Monday afternoon Image Comics began what appears to be a series of new teasers to promote a new project by creator Nick Spencer (Forgetless, Existence, Shuddertown), presumably called Morning Glory Academy.

The character features is a young female “Zoe” with the high school yearbook-like copy “Most Likely To Cheat On You” suggesting the project will be set in a high school Academy of some sort.

If continuing to form, look for another teaser next week…

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