Best Shots Extra: DEADPOOL CORPS #1 Reviewed!

Best Shots Extra: DEADPOOL CORPS #1

Deadpool Corps #1

Written by Victor Gischler

Art by Rob Liefeld, Adelso Corona

Colors by Matt Yackey

Published by Marvel Comics

Review by Russ Burlingame

You know why The Deadpool Corps is such a great concept? Because with no prior understanding of what's going on and not having read in almost a year, you can open up the book and accept the fact that the titular Deadpool Corps has already been formed, and is taking order from a couple of dudes that look like a fat version of The Watcher and G'Nort in a karate gi, without batting an eye. Why? Because it's a Deadpool comic.

As long as they're entertaining, Deadpool comics have a license to be less than stellar, from an objective, artistic, review perspective. It's nice to see creator Rob Liefeld back on art, because frankly that same guiding principle is what's allowed his career to last as long as it has: "Who cares that the dude can't draw feet? His books are EXTREME!" No pun intended; I was going more for the Harold & Kumar joke than for the Extreme Studios joke. But it's true either way, and Liefeld drawing the disembodied, floating head of zombie Deadpool is, objectively speaking, the most awesome thing ever to happen in the universe.

In all seriousness, though, the concept is like something out of an old script--in a good way. The Deadpools are collectively chosen for a task mostly because their brains are too empty or chaotic to be a liability. Along the way, they're challenged a Lobo clone who is everything you ever dreamed of Rob Liefeld drawing: he's got hair as big as his torso.

There's also a backup feature, this one featuring only one Deadpool, by Frank Tieri and Matteo Scalera. It's a fun little diversion, but entirely unnecessary in that all it really does is remind you that Deadpool's six different kinds of crazy and usually featured in needlessly violent stories. This, in the book where there are five Deadpools all teamed up to slice aliens apart and discuss their roles for the upcoming story arc. Yeah.

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