AMAZON AMERICA is Artist LUCIANO VECCHIO's Latest #AmalgamAgain Creation

Amazon America and Winter Wonder
Credit: Luciano Vecchio
Credit: Luciano Vecchio

Marvel's New Warriors artist Luciano Vecchio has taken the ball from Newsarams's week long "Amalgam Again" event and run with it, creating several entries of his own so far to pay homage to the late 90s Marvel/DC Amalgam event that created mash-ups of their characters.

This time, Vecchio has unleashed Amazon America, a combo of Wonder Woman and Captain America, as well as Donna Troy and Winter Soldier to create Winter Wonder.

"More #AmalgamAgain," reads Vecchio's tweet of his designs. "Star-Spangled, round shield wielding fighter who takes part on a World War as the first superhuman of their universe, joining a team decades later AMAZON AMERICA (CaptainAmerica + WonderWoman)
And Who Is the WINTER WONDER? (WinterSoldier + DonnaTroy)
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